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Published: 2022-02-15 As Dr Heap's consultancy has grown over 8 years of global service, Dr Heap is pleased to announce his new qualifications.
Published: 2022-01-20 Artificial Paintings announces the winner of the Scholarship Contest, where the contestants were to share their opinions on what impact technology and artificial intelligence have on the art industry.
Published: 2022-01-07 The answer lies within each person. This is not about a religious belief, which can fit people into another box -- and sometimes end up being yet another divisive force.
Published: 2021-12-29 Amid a global decline in the religious population, a clear explanation of the Bible has drawn more than 140,000 believers to the church and the attention of millions.
Published: 2021-12-20 All of us can now make a personal and powerful contribution to the effort to save the planet for ourselves, our children and future generations.
Published: 2021-12-02 Encompassed Purpose 2.0 brings you from lukewarm to purpose-filled. Focused biblical emotional intelligence to deepen re imagine, refresh, rethink, reconsider, refocus, recommit and activate a new encompassed purpose.
Published: 2021-11-18 ipassio is an exclusive hobby e-learning platform that provides a medium for avid learners from all over the world to pursue their hobbies online.
Published: 2021-09-23 After success and popularity of classes in Fort Myers, Kitchen Social Expands to Chesterfield.
Published: 2021-07-06 What you need to know to keep your furry friend safe this summer
Published: 2021-06-15 Author/illustrator Papa Paws releases book three of The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws children’s picture book series.
Published: 2021-06-02 A resource to give (or sell) to your client for a fraction of what it would cost you in time, and your client in fees.
Published: 2021-05-12 Students awarded The Matthew Paul Finnigan Memorial Scholarships for the 2021/22 School Year
Published: 2021-04-06 With Mango Animate’s hand-drawn presentation software, hand-drawing effects can be added to the video content and make it more engaging to the audiences.
Published: 2021-02-10 Book by National Love Experts Helps Romantic Partners. Become the Happiest Couple They Know
Published: 2021-02-09 Rishi Khandelwal states even MBA and Masters of Engineering not able to manage a high salary profile in foreign countries. Rishi Khandelwal boosts those lost souls.
Published: 2021-02-04 fCoder is stepping up with an initiative to support education workers – by offering them DocuFreezer and Print Conductor free of charge.
Published: 2021-01-31 Peacemindedly podcast press release. Season 3, the newest season. The theme for this podcast is peace, kindness and compassion. We feature Peaceful Bridge Makers, people who connect nations, cultures and languages.
Published: 2021-01-14 Society Performers Academy welcomes Actor Emily Nelson as a coach! Emily will be teaching weekly scene study classes!
Published: 2021-01-12 Bradley C. Berg PhD, has launched Encompassed Institute offering online classes, extension classes in Iberia and satellite classes at your church location.
Published: 2020-10-26 Ben Povlow grew up as an at-risk youth and spent his teenage years as a juvenile delinquent. He continued his negative lifestyle into his twenties. When he was twenty-eight years old he was introduced to self-help and personal development materials that would change the course of his life forever. He is now sharing his knowledge and experiences with today's young people with the hopes of helping them avoid the negative pitfalls he fell into. With his new self-help book and podcast, Ben shares all of the self-development strategies he used to improve the quality of his life.
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