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Mango Animate Upgrades Its Hand Drawn Presentation Software

With Mango Animate’s hand-drawn presentation software, hand-drawing effects can be added to the video content and make it more engaging to the audiences.


Mango Animate introduces its hand drawn presentation software (, Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker, ideal for businesses and brands seeking fresh and exciting ways to connect with audiences. Mango Animate WM allows users to grab viewers’ attention and highlight key points of the presentation by implementing features like the drawing hand, animation effects, characters, and more. Offering an easy-to-navigate platform, anyone in business will be able to learn and use the software in just a few minutes.

Mango Animate WM gives users access to a convenient drag-and-drop tool for animation editing. In this capacity, users can easily apply captivating stage and camera effects. With these stimulating effects, users can sensationalize their animations and transform them into something unforgettable. In a digital world where other companies are constantly competing for consumers’ attention, incorporating a hand drawn presentation can help a brand become memorable.

The hand drawn presentation software offers a massive selection of hands and even allows users to upload their own images to replace them, giving users maximum creative flexibility. Incorporating a drawing hand into a video makes it much easier for audiences to follow along and recall important information as it’s drawn on their screens in real-time. Mango Animate WM also includes a voice recording feature alongside many free media items like SVG images, shapes, icons, and more to help presentations stand out.

Another unique feature of the hand drawn presentation software is its ability to add lifelike characters performing various roles. Characters that mimic real humans will help viewers relate to the message and form a sense of trust with a brand. Since Mango Animate WM allows for infinite customization, characters can take on roles from professionals in virtually any industry. With the help of the software’s pre-designed templates, users can take as much or as little time as they need to build a successful, intriguing presentation.

“Our hand drawn presentation software was designed for our users to showcase their creativity,” says Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate. “For those who feel like they need expert help, we offer plenty of templates and pre-designed objects to bring anyone’s vision to life.”

Once a project is complete, users can share their animated creations directly with their audiences. The hand drawn presentation software can easily be exported locally and then shared with the world to see. Whether the video is built for a small audience or a global one, Mango CM gives users the tools they need to develop professional-quality presentations.

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