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Book by National Love Experts Helps Romantic Partners. Become the Happiest Couple They Know


Phoenix, Arizona—The romantic duo behind The Surprise Date Challenge: Be the Happiest Couple You Know is back with more tips and tricks for reaching new levels of connection and commitment.

With the release of their second book, The Surprise Date Challenge: Home Edition, Dana Lam and Martin Kupper offer their formula for keeping relationships filled with curiosity, intrigue, and fun—without leaving the house.

Their formula is simple: Every month, partners plan one surprise activity or experience for each other. As they’ve shared on NBC, CBS, FOX, and other major outlets, an element of mystery is paramount for sustaining a fulfilling long-term relationship.

“I didn’t know about the importance of novelty when I was married, and ultimately that played a role in the disintegration of my marriage,” says Lam, who divorced and then met Kupper. They’ve been dating for six years. “Don’t succumb to the long-held belief that relationships inevitably become stale over time. There's too much at stake.”

The lovebirds also are behind Rockstar Relationship Revolution, a transformational experience for couples who want the relationship of their dreams. Learn about tips, individual and group sessions, and other inspirational offerings at
Says Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul: “Almost everyone wants an exalted and cherished relationship. Here is the company that gives you the clues, tips, and techniques to help make that relationship a reality.”

Next in the series, coming soon: The Surprise Date Challenge: Bedroom Edition.

About Surprise Date Challenge
The Surprise Date Challenge was created to invoke creativity and inspiration in relationships by turning the commonplace into extraordinary. For more information, and a free Date Night Kit, visit

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