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Please submit your press or news releases here. Please follow the writing guidelines before submitting a press release to us.

We only accept quality press releases from credible sources. We do not approve submissions having spammy content.

We do not accept

- Articles with excessive Promotional content.
- Link Spam
- Casino or Gambling related news.
- Replica or pharmacy related news
- Adult or Porn related news.
- Multiple duplicate news releases.
- News Releases that contain copyrighted content.
- Legal disputes in Courts
- News releases that are offensive with hate speech and violence.
- Any press release without valid contact address and phone
- Online gaming money like warcraft

One of our editors will manually review your news release and edit changes, if necessary.

1. Free Submission

We usually approve press rleae

You can also submit press releases free of charge. Please submit your press releases here (login is required). We only approve high quality news content from original sources. Due to the volume of submissions get everyday, we cannot guarantee acceptance and distribution for all press releases submitted free. Please do not use free emails, to increase the chance of approval by our editors. .

2. Express Submission

We usually approve express submissions within 24h. Please note that your submission will only appear in your myaccount, after being approved by our editors.

Express Submission

  • 24h Fast Inclusion
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  • Appears on TOP of Free Submissions
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USD 9.95.- only


Sponsored Submission

  • 24h Fast Inclusion
  • Five Star Rating Red Star
  • Appears on TOP of Home and Categories page.
  • Sponsored Rating
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  • Visibility in Major Search Engines.

USD 25.- only

We offer bulk discounts (20%) for 10 press releases or more. Please contact us

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