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New Book Addressess Emasculation of Today's Men

The unintended consequences of feminizing men are exposed by author Kammie C. Rose in her hilarious new fiction book, “Retraining Him.”. “I wanted to approach this serious subject in an entertaining way,” Rose stated. “A masculine man, once referred to as ‘a man’s man,’ is quickly disappearing in today’s changing culture. This story deals with the downside of that trend.”


“Retraining Him” is a fictional story about a newly married couple. Sofie wishes she could dial down her husband’s testosterone level a notch or two. She tells Brock, “Let the softer, more sensitive side come out once in a while.” She thinks she can change him—nothing major, just a tweak here and there, but it’s hard to change a leopard’s spots. When a freak accident leaves her manly husband with memory loss, Sofie takes advantage of the blank slate that is now Brock. She jumps at her one chance to mold him into the perfect man. But the best-laid plans can come with unintended consequences, and everything spirals hilariously out of control.

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“Retraining Him” is available now on Amazon. E-book $4.99. Paperback $9.99.

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