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CloudIBN Partners with Microsoft to Enhance Cybersecurity Offerings

IBN Technologies Ltd{CloudIBN}, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with Microsoft, a global leader in technology, to deliver enhanced cybersecurity offerings to businesses worldwide.


In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, organizations face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats that target their digital assets, data, and infrastructure. The partnership between CloudIBN and Microsoft aims to address these challenges by combining CloudIBN's expertise in cybersecurity with Microsoft's cutting-edge security solutions.

Through this partnership, CloudIBN will leverage Microsoft's top security services, including Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Azure Sentinel, and Azure Security Center, to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. These solutions will help organizations detect and respond to threats more effectively, protect their endpoints, cloud environments, identities, and data, and strengthen their security posture.

"CloudIBN is excited to partner with Microsoft to bring enhanced cybersecurity offerings to our clients," said Pratik Shah,CTO at CloudIBN. "By leveraging Microsoft's industry-leading security services, we can provide our clients with the highest level of protection against cyber threats, ensuring their digital assets remain secure in today's increasingly digital world."

CloudIBN specializes in cyber security assessment, solution integration, customization, training, and support, helping organizations of all sizes strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and achieve compliance with industry regulations. With Microsoft's top security services at their disposal, CloudIBN clients can benefit from advanced threat detection, automated response capabilities, and continuous monitoring to stay ahead of emerging threats.

"We are pleased to collaborate with CloudIBN to deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions to businesses worldwide," said [Microsoft Spokesperson Name], [Title] at Microsoft. "By combining CloudIBN's expertise with Microsoft's top security services, we can empower organizations to protect their digital assets, mitigate cyber threats, and achieve their security goals."

For organizations looking to enhance their cybersecurity defenses and safeguard their digital assets, the partnership between CloudIBN and Microsoft offers a powerful combination of expertise and technology. To learn more about CloudIBN's cybersecurity offerings, visit

About CloudIBN:
CloudIBN is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, offering assessment, integration, customization, training, and support services to businesses worldwide. With a team of experienced cybersecurity professionals and partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, CloudIBN helps organizations strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and protect their digital assets.

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