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'Don't Hold Your Sh**': Mental Health Book Teaches Importance of Letting 'Sh**' Go — Literally and Figuratively

Nigerian-American comedian Sydney Adeniyi uses humor to teach the importance of letting go in a new book for kids and adults.


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 10, 2023 – Nigerian-American standup comedian Sydney Adeniyi unveils Don't Hold Your Sh**, a mental health book for kids and adults. Through humor and vivid illustrations from Surajit Gupta, the book teaches the importance of letting go of the things that don't serve you — whether they are resentments, grudges or literal poo.

"My niece was having a hard time going #2 because it hurt before," Adeniyi said. "It made me think about the sh** I internalized because of a bad experience. I realized my adult behavior wasn't that different from my four-year-old niece. I wrote the book to encourage people to let go of their sh**, literally and figuratively."

In Don't Hold Your Sh** (also available in the kid-friendly censored alternative, Don’t Hold Your Poo-Poo), Adeniyi tells the story of Baby, who struggles with going poo-poo due to fear and anxiety.

By following Baby's journey as she attempts to go #2, the book helps young readers struggling with "poop anxiety". Poop anxiety, also known as stool withholding, is common among toddlers, who may resist pooping because they had a negative experience in the past.

For adult readers, Don't Hold Your Sh** delivers important lessons about the importance of letting go of toxic or limiting ideas and behaviors to support mental health. Featuring characters from diverse backgrounds, the book also encourages empathy -- because we all have problems letting go sometimes.

Don't Hold Your Shit and Don't Hold Your Poo-Poo are currently available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle on Amazon and

About the Author

Sydney Adeniyi is a Nigerian-American uncle, standup comedian, actor and writer from Belleville, IL who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Passionate about mental health, Sydney is a Laughter on Call comedian who fosters mental wellness and connection for working professionals and memory care residents. Sydney's unique brand of comedy encourages psychological safety, inclusion and equity.

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