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"9 EGGS – The Collection" - An opulent art book by first-time author, Ben A Starks.

A visual feast showcasing a series of nine intricate sculptures, by Artist/Author Ben A Starks, lushly photographed in vibrant detail.


“9 EGGS - The Collection” is a sumptuous journey through an incredible collection of sculptural objet d'art.

Readers can immerse themselves in Starks' thought-provoking narrative that unfolds around each intricately crafted egg sculpture. The book invites readers to explore the connections between art and literature, as Starks effortlessly weaves his tales around the symbolic significance of each egg. The stories offer a glimpse into the artist's creative process, making this collection a true testament to the power of multidisciplinary storytelling.

From the inception of each sculpture to the pages of his book, Mr. Starks has created a harmonious fusion that resonates with art enthusiasts, literature lovers, and curious minds alike.
“Re-purposing, de-constructing, and re-creating the discarded into something new is intrinsic to each piece, utilizing select pieces of jewelry, enamel, brass, marble, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and paste gems” – Ben A Starks

“This work is now available for purchase on and promises to captivate readers with its unique blend of art, sculpture, and storytelling”. – Watermark 7, LLC, Publisher

The book is now available for purchase on at the following link:


Ben A Starks is a Milwaukee-based artist and author whose passion for creating sculpture and literature has culminated in his debut literary work, “9 EGGS - The Collection”.
Mr. Starks has taken his passion for art and sculptural creations to a new level with his debut book, “9 EGGS - The Collection”. Drawing inspiration from his own spectacular sculpture collection, Mr. Starks has masterfully intertwined his artistic expressions with the written word, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that brings his artistic creations to life.
Ben A Starks retired at 49 from a career in international project management. After half a lifetime of left-brain work, he now concentrates on creating sculptural artwork. Mr. Starks approaches each piece as a problem needing to be solved and spends weeks or months searching for the elements to elevate his work from craft to art. A voracious reader and world traveler, he finds inspiration in; artwork, architecture, gold-smithing, and jewelry design. Diagnosed and disabled in 2019 with a degenerative neurological disorder, Adhesive Arachnoiditis, he works on this small scale to keep his hands and mind nimble.
This is Mr. Starks’ first book.

Please contact us, to arrange interviews with Ben A Starks, and for more information including, book signings, public speaking, exhibition interest, gallery showings, and merchandise based on the collection.
*An online version of the book is available for review at; 9 EGGS - The Collection FOR REVIEW *Videos of each piece are available on social media using the links below.

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