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Holocaust Survivor Releases Memoir to Honor Mother Who Saved Him

Michael Fryd writes a compelling memoir, My Mother’s War: A Holocaust Survivor’s Tribute to an Extraordinary Woman, about his remarkable mother who outsmarted the Nazis and saved her family.


Philadelphia, PA – August 15, 2023 – Hitler’s forces were no match for Evelyn Fryd, insists her son, 86-year-old retired chemist-turned-author Michael Fryd, in the newly published memoir, My Mother’s War: A Holocaust Survivor’s Tribute to an Extraordinary Woman. Michael Fryd was only three years old when Nazi Germany invaded Poland, triggering World War II and one of humanity’s darkest chapters. Forced to leave their home and everything they knew, Michael’s mother went to near-impossible lengths to keep her family safe from Hitler’s clutches, including crafting clever lies, dealing in the black market, and even flirting with the enemy. My Mother’s War was released by Story Sanctum Publishing and is available now on Amazon and other online retailers.

Rather than write a book about the horrors of the Holocaust, Fryd chose to highlight the resilience of the survivors, specifically the resourcefulness of his mother. He chose to celebrate survival because “each Jew who survived the Holocaust represented a victory.” With the resurgence of antisemitism and white nationalism, Fryd hopes to embolden others to take courageous stands against bigotry and show the world, like his mother showed him, that love will always find a way to win in the end.

“An engrossing and immersive family story with rich historical details.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A beautifully written account of one woman’s strength and determination.”– Steve Zettler, author of Careless Love

“At a time when our world is spiraling backward into intolerance, fanaticism, and antisemitism, Michael Fryd’s memoir is a vital cry of commemoration and promise.” – Cordelia Frances Biddle, author of They Believed They Were Safe

My Mother’s War, a 2023 Maxy Award Bio and Memoir Runner-up, was recently featured in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.

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Michael Fryd
Michael Fryd currently lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA. He was born in Poland in 1936 to a small-town Jewish family and spent the war years hiding from the Nazis in a local farmer’s root cellar. After the war, his parents left Poland and settled in a Paris residential hotel/bordello until being granted entry to the U.S. and settling in a Jewish enclave in the Bronx. Michael earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from NYU, and an EdD in group behavior from Temple University. After successful corporate and academic careers, he returned to his early passion, writing. His short fiction has been published in Intrinsick, Easy Street, Page and Spine, Evening Street Press, UK Short Humour, Little Old Lady Comedy, and Story Sanctum. My Mother’s War is his first full-length published work.

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