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Kroh Exploration, based in Fort Worth, Texas, acquires rights to 86 wellbores in Texas to address neglected wells, advance remediation efforts, and promote environmental stewardship. The company plans comprehensive assessment and restoration of each site, adhering to strict regulatory guidelines. The acquisition represents a milestone in their dedication to environmental sustainability and responsible resource management.


Fort Worth, Texas - [7/17/2023] - Kroh Exploration, an oil and gas company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, has announced its recent acquisition of the rights to 86 wellbores located throughout the state. This strategic move aims to address neglected wells, which pose significant environmental and safety risks, and foster environmental stewardship through comprehensive remediation efforts.

“We take pride in how we operate these wells in our own backyard by being proactive and responsible for the measures we take in mitigating hazards. Additionally, the revenue generated will benefit the community as well as Kroh Exploration which makes this a win-win” said Brett Kroh, Founder/CEO of Kroh Exploration.

Kroh Exploration plans to allocate substantial resources towards the remediation and reclamation of these neglected wellbores. A team of experienced professionals will oversee the entire process, implementing best practices in environmental protection and adhering to stringent regulatory guidelines.

Remediation efforts will involve a comprehensive assessment of each wellbore, including the identification and mitigation of potential environmental risks such as soil and groundwater contamination. Kroh Exploration will work diligently to restore these sites to their natural condition, minimizing any adverse impacts on the environment.

Kroh Exploration remains dedicated to building positive relationships with the communities in which it operates. By fostering partnerships and seeking input from community members, Kroh Exploration aims to ensure that its efforts align with local needs and concerns.

The acquisition of these 86 wellbores marks a significant milestone in Kroh Exploration's ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible resource management. The company looks forward to embarking on this critical remediation project and is confident that its efforts will have a lasting positive impact on the communities and ecosystems of Texas.

JB Yowell, Kroh Explorations President, said “We believe that peak oil has passed and we’re in a prime position to take advantage of under developed assets with relatively low lifting costs which will contribute to our need for domestic independence.”

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Kroh Exploration is dedicated to increasing domestic oil and gas reserves by optimizing the production from existing wells. Our mission is to transform underperforming and abandoned wells into sustainable energy sources through the application of advanced recovery methods.


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