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Muhareb Law Group Secures $850K Settlement in Riverside County, CA Rear-End Auto Accident Case

Rancho Cucamonga's Muhareb Law Group successfully represented a client severely injured in a rear-end auto accident, securing an $850,000 settlement. They were able to persuade a notoriously difficult insurance company to settle, saving the client from trial uncertainties.


RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA, – Muhareb Law Group recently secured a settlement of $850,000 for a client who was involved in a rear-end auto accident in Riverside County, CA. The client, who was the lead driver, suffered severe neck and back injuries from the crash, requiring extensive treatment and likely future surgery.

With thorough evidence gathering and strong legal arguments, the Muhareb Law Group was able to effectively demonstrate a direct link between the client's injuries and the accident. The legal team was also successful in settling the case (to their client’s satisfaction) out of court, avoiding the uncertainty, additional costs, and extended timelines associated with trials.

The case was particularly challenging due to the reputation of the responsible driver’s insurance company, which is known for its resistance to providing fair settlement offers. Nevertheless, the team was able to convince the insurer to pay a substantial amount, especially for this type of case. The settlement secured the necessary funds for the client's ongoing medical care and adequately compensated him for the pain and suffering and other losses that he incurred.

Mohammad Muhareb, the founder of the Muhareb Law Group, spoke about the significant impact of the settlement for his client:

"We were able to convince the insurer to pay an unusually large amount without having to go to trial, which is vital for our client’s recovery timeline. Trials can often result in further delay, and litigation brings with it a measure of uncertainty that often puts further stress on an already difficult situation. We are proud that we could secure full and fair compensation for our client in this case without him having to go through that."

The $850,000 settlement that the firm negotiated is a testament to the importance of a strong attorney-client relationship and a clear understanding of the legal strategies required to navigate complex personal injury cases.

"One of the major keys to our success in personal injury cases is our commitment to working closely with our clients," Muhareb continues. "Regular communication, frequent updates, and advising our clients on necessary steps for a positive outcome are among our firm’s most important guiding principles."

This win helps reinforce Muhareb Law Group’s reputation as an effective and trusted Rancho Cucamonga personal injury law firm, committed to serving clients in communities like Riverside and San Bernardino counties, and others throughout Southern California.

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Muhareb Law Group is a leading personal injury law firm that is located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Founded by Mohammad Muhareb, the firm prides itself on its commitment to justice for victims of personal injury. With a strong track record of securing substantial settlements and a reputation for navigating complex cases with precision and dedication, Muhareb Law Group stands as a strong advocate for injury victims throughout the area.

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