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She's One in a Million

Retired research scientist has written a million words in 5 years! Dateline: Forres, Highlands of Scotland, 18.04.2023


She makes certain to sit at her desk, in her study, by 9am every day – the only exception being Christmas Day – and pounds her keyboard until she has written a thousand words in her work-in-progress.

“It is amazing,” says Elizabeth Mostyn, “How it mounts up, if you do it every day without exception. Somehow, the words just flow. I can’t seem to help it!”

Elizabeth is a well-travelled Europhile, born in Lancashire, where she worked for 10 years, as a travel agent, but has lived in Scotland for 35 years, since studying Experimental Pathology at the University of St Andrews, and the delusions of people with Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease Dementia for her Master’s at the University of Aberdeen. She has always written stories, articles and training materials but, now she is a novelist, and about to publish her second book on 30th April!
It is a story which combines a police procedural with science and a little-known event in French history.

Commissaire Patrice Lanier of the Paris Police Judiciare has his thigh in plaster and his mother-in-law losing her memory. His wife is concerned only with that, his children text more than they speak, and even his dog isn’t speaking to him. His assistant, ex-nun, Pucelle, has gone undercover in the underbelly of the Parisian drug culture. He needs to be in Avignon to support his wife, in Paris to support Pucelle, and in Pont-St-Esprit to pursue his own investigation.
Back in the present day, Paris must be locked down: there are 250 terrorists in the city, ready to blow it to kingdom come.

How is Patrice going to find them in time?
And where the hell is Pucelle?

Elizabeth not only writes full length novels (100,000 words) – and is currently at about the mid-point of the seventh in her 9-book Phenomenological Detective series, ‘A Memory of Water’ –
but has also finished one volume of a different series, set in America, and another unpublished novel, waiting for final drafts…not to mention her separate, specialist work on dementia!
It seems to be a big shift, but her novels are a reflection of interests she has had all her life. The first one, ‘Wisp’, published by P’Kaboo ( last year, is set in St Andrews city and university, and features real science and strongly observed characters.

Elizabeth’s new series – The Phenomenological Detective – No 1 ‘The Only True Remedy’ features not only real science and real history, meticulously researched, but even a Bedlington terrier, called after a French philosopher. The first volume of the new series will be available as an ebook and paperback, from 31st May 2023, on Amazon and other sites.

Email: Website: Tel: 01343 890756
Twitter: MostynLiz Facebook: LINK
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