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Watercolor in a Metal Box - a Perfect Travel Kit by the ArtWhale Art Supplies

Art Whale presents a new watercolor paint set in a metal box of 48 items of the most popular and relevant colors. Customers can purchase it now. The half-pans set differs by its value for money and universality.

An artist always needs inspiration. And it's often in nature or some picturesque corners. That is
Why is a watercolor travel kit in a metal box a real find for people traveling a lot? Leaking watercolor paint is real trouble for everyone. It can spoil your bag as well as other stuff in
it. Or, worse, if your sketchbook was close to the paint, it could ruin your artwork. And that is a
nightmare for every creative person. Plus, wet watercolor can spread even better.  

Thus, when looking for paint, one must also consider the type of packaging to avoid
such nasty surprises. The solution to this problem is watercolor in a metal box which is the perfect
choice for long journeys. Also, it is an excellent present idea for both beginners and professionals. You can buy it on our website or Amazon. 

With a watercolor in a metal box, one can
- go on a journey;
- take the kit to nature;
- paint while on the road;
- use it at home and be sure the paint will not leak.

Another advantage of a metal box is that it includes a painting palette. So, it is a means
of storage and a painting tool. Thus, an artist doesn`t need to bring a palette with him.
For sure, travelers will appreciate this additional function of a metal box. All they need is to take the metal box and, thus, have everything to start painting wherever they are.

A palette is convenient for mixing paint. Its material only promotes color blending. The palette is
compact but large enough to get the paint one needs. And a metal box prevents the paint from
leaking. Thus, it is a favorable option for artists limited in painting tools and space. 
The painting set has a pleasant surprise inside - a water brush. For those new to art, a water
brush is a painting tool with a water reservoir in the handle. Thus, no matter where the artist is,
they can always enjoy painting on a long journey or just when having a picnic. Plus, what a relief
not to take brushes with you trying to fit them into a bag and avoiding contact with other stuff after they are in the paint. The watercolor painting kit resolves the problem. Moreover, artists often overthink their work, not organizational moments, leaving essential tools at home. But it is impossible to forget something unless you leave the kit at home. So, it has advantages only. You should have it if you are keen on traveling or going on a lot. For further information about ArtWhale Art and Craft Supplies, please visit the store

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