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Laser Photonics MARLIN: The Best Solution to Saltwater Corrosion

Marine Application Rust Laser Inhibitor targets $500 million corrosion control opportunity in the U.S. for small craft marine vessels


Laser Photonics Corporation(“LPC”), a leading global industrial developer of CleanTech laser systems for laser cleaning and other materials applications, announces key applications for its launched MARLIN (Marine Application Rust Laser Inhibitor) product.

The CleanTech Handheld MARLIN CTH-100M Laser is perfect for controlling marine vessel corrosion derived from saltwater and sea spray. The flexible nature of this technology makes it an excellent fit for addressing areas that deteriorate over time on small marine vessels, like frame weldments and joints. Not only is it capable of addressing corrosion concerns, but it is also ideal for de-painting, cleaning and surface preparation.

“The addition of the MARLIN to our CleanTech line of products is something we are very proud of here,” said Peter Evans, president of Laser Photonics. “Corrosion and rust are serious issues that affect the maritime industry, so being able to provide a solution to a trillion-dollar problem affecting people around the world is an honor.”

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