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Never give up your dream: If you can dream it, you can do it

Recipe for success focuses on inspiration, motivation, tenacity, and breakthrough


Millions of people have big dreams with virtually no hope of success. Many of them give up because they think being not creative enough. Not true. The latest book by Pierre A. Kandorfer examines the topic and says, if you can dream it, you can do it.

Dreams are one of the most important priorities in our lives. Following our dreams gives us our life significance, enables us to think beyond ourselves, inspire us, promotes our enthusiasm, and generates optimism. A dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes our mind, will, and emotions. The book “Never give up your dream” explains why our dreams give us an unmistakable feeling of self-awareness.

Dreaming is a "library of the unexpected" that scares many people, but dreamers thrive and pride themselves on pursuing it. A big dream is your internal compass that guides you through your life's journey. Pierre’s simple advice: Admit to be scared, reject social pressures, get out of your comfort zone, forget your past, celebrate your uniqueness, and live for the future. Follow your passion. Dream big, the reality will adjust it if necessary.

Pierre Kandorfer is a veteran journalist with thirty-five years of media background. He wrote thousands of articles, hundreds of TV programs, and over a dozen books such as “Heart and Soul of America,” ”Everything is just a Show,” “A Love Letter to America,” “You Don’t Know Who You Really Are,” “No More Doubt – Science Confirms the Bible,” “Whom Can We Still Trust,” “Fight Back Manual,” “Find Peace of Mind or Lose Your Mind,” in addition to some media textbooks. Pierre’s books are available at NeverGiveUpYourDream.US, Amazon, and many other booksellers worldwide.

Pierre taught media communications, acted as Dir. of Programming of a nationwide TV broadcasting, worked as TV host and producer of a movie series, and hundreds of TV shows. He also is a commercial pilot, speaks several languages, and is a proud Christian and passionate Constitutionalist.

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