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NFL Legend, Hall of Famer, and Dallas Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson adds Acting to his Career!

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver "catches" his first film role along with Oscar nominee Eric Roberts in this new Christmas classic called "Holiday In The Hamptons."


FEBRUARY 20, 2023 (NEW YORK, NY) - After making headlines for finally being inducted into the 2021 class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, NFL legend Drew Pearson has been fielding all kinds of appearance offers, but one that struck him as unique and special was a touching role in the upcoming Christmas film Holiday In The Hamptons, which could be seen on Hallmark or another network this December.

The film follows a woman, Jade Lewis (Ashley Brinkman) who discovers she has inherited a home in The Hamptons from her grandfather and reconnects with an old flame, Diego (Mario Silva), but it’s not without its complications. The film also stars Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, famed brother of superstar Julia Roberts, and father to Emma Roberts.

Pearson plays Arthur, an old friend and colleague of her grandfather’s, who puts more than a few things into perspective. He says, “I may have won the top prizes in what I do, but I’ve never challenged myself in this way. The closest I got was playing Victor Newman’s bodyguard on The Young and the Restless, where my single line was, “Yes, Mr. Newman.” Now I can really show you what I can do on the screen for a different reason.”
Producer JB Yowell of ALG Films, who also plays Walter Kline in the film, said, “I knew Drew would be perfect for the role when I read the script. I called his longtime co-host Paul Salfen, who is also in the film as Tom Callaway, and he threw the Hail Mary to Drew and of course, The Original 88 caught it.”

Filmed over the course of several weeks in the Hamptons and in Fort Worth, Texas, the film aims to capture the magic that Gemelli Films founder and writer-director Candice T. Cain seem to do so well given her work like Magic In Mount Holly, A Holiday Homecoming, and Baking Up Love. Along with her incredible Gemelli Films team, they have produced several holiday classics and continue the streak with this nice holiday gem that’s perfect for the times.

More details and full release details will be announced soon.


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