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Suicide Can be Preventable When We Embrace Uncomfortable Feelings

Suicide Prevention Month. By reading this book readers will know they are not alone.


[FAIR OAKS, CA] — Do you know someone who has had thoughts of suicide? Now you do, Angela had those thoughts. Most people panic when they hear this, but it’s not helpful. According to “Research shows people who are having thoughts of suicide feel relief when someone asks after them in a caring way. Findings suggest acknowledging and talking about suicide may reduce rather than increase suicidal ideation.” In Angela’s book Poems from a Lost Soul she looks directly at those big difficult feelings that create suffering which can lead to suicidal ideation or even suicide. By reading this book readers will know they are not alone. These feelings exist and looking directly at them helps!

Here is Angela’s poem titled Suicide:

A slip of a blade can end it all
Only you may see the rain fall
You carve a name in your arm
Now you’ve lost your only charm
People have problems just like you
But you know other people need
attention too

This poem is about Angela’s contemplation of suicide. Throughout the process of writing this poem Angela realized that by dying she would have lost all of who she was. Then she recognized that everyone has problems, and they need attention too. In some ways telling herself, “Don’t despair it will be ok, they are struggling too.”

Angela Talent is a commanding speaker who delivers on tough subjects in a gentle and loving way. Invite her onto your TV, radio or podcast show. If you aren’t sure yet, keep reading!

Angela Talent’s personal experience: When Angela had thoughts of suicide and shared them, the people around her panicked. When they did this, she felt like she was a mistake (which meant the next time they came up, she kept them to herself for a long time). In fact, even in the counseling office when she acknowledges that she has those feelings the providers panic.

Angela has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which has robbed her of the use of her hands and limited the distance she can walk. With chronic pain and physical limitations, it is normal for one to have feelings of overwhelm and because of the suffering from those feelings it is easy to slip into suicidal ideation. Angela wishes someone would have told her this early on in her journey. It would have been so very helpful to hear, “I have had those thoughts too.” Angela endeavors to be this person for others so they don’t feel alone in their suffering.

She wants everyone to feel understood. She wants you to know that someone else has that pain too. Angela has learned that instead of ignoring her feelings that she needed to look directly at them and feel into what they were telling her with safe people surrounding her. That is what Angela’s book is about, looking at the uncomfortable feelings of life. The pain, suffering, unrealized hopes, the dreams yearned for, the wonderings about love and some just silly poems (because laughter can be a healing balm in the midst of pain).

Angela Talent gently shares knowledge and insight with viewers and listeners. It’s time to start shining the light into those dark places. Invite her onto your show.

Angela Talent is the author of Poems from a Lost Soul and host of the Relatively Damaged Podcast by Damaged Parents. She lives with her two daughters and three chihuahuas. She loves to laugh and believes every human is valuable no matter their capacity.


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