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Breast Implant Illness: A Global Example of Women Being Ignored by their Doctors

Implant Insanity is a New Book released by Dr. Regina Nelson


Women around the globe are presenting to their doctors with autoimmune symptoms and being ignored. The many women have one thing in common: breast implants. Why isn’t breast implant illness being taken seriously? The new book, Implant Insanity, explores this question.

Dr. Regina Nelson shares, “Many of the symptoms associated with breast implant illness (BII) are like the symptoms caused by autoimmune and connective tissue disorders but few patients or doctors, think to consider whether breast implants could be triggering these severe reactions. Women often visit doctor after doctor with not one connecting to the fact that breast implants might indeed be a factor, much less the trigger for the autoimmune breakdowns and ‘weird’ symptoms the women are experiencing. Many women, including myself, have been dismissed by multiple physicians, when the problem was right in front of both of us.”

Nelson earned her Ph.D. in Ethical and Creative Leadership; she is not a medical doctor. But having presented in peer-reviewed forums around the globe, Nelson is known as a dynamic and charismatic public speaker. As C.E.O. of Integral Education and Consulting, LLC, she has been consulting within healthcare and cannabis industries for more than a decade. Dr. Nelson is also Founder & President of The eCS Therapy Center a National 501C3 organization focused on medical cannabis education and research. Recognized as the Author of The Survivor’s Guide to Medical Cannabis, Nelson has penned more than a dozen books and handbooks related the medical cannabis. The subject of BII is new territory for her.

Implant Insanity is a well-referenced and descriptive book about Breast Implant Illness/Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (BII/ASIA). Nelson outlines the narrative regarding BII/ASIA and puts it in context to the scientific evidence, which though thin supports BII/ASIA and the women who self-identify as BII sufferers.

Nelson also shares her journey with BII/ASIA, as well as stories by personal friends, and snippets of social media posts made on public platforms. She makes a solid case to validate the hundreds of thousands of women -- maybe, millions of women -- suffering from BII/ASIA. Nelson also outlines the Explant journey and includes information on other types of medical implants. Implant Insanity is an enlightening read.
Implant Insanity

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