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A Time For Color, A Book About Joy

Husband and wife author team spreads “joy” by donating their newly published book to nursing homes and retirement communities.

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Husband and wife author team spreads “joy” by donating their newly published book to nursing homes and retirement communities.

Their “A Time For Joy Initiative” reminds seniors that joy for life is a choice you make.

PLATTEVILLE, Wisconsin, May 01, 2022 – Thomas Penisten, author of the poignant book for all ages, A Time For Color A Book About Joy, has launched a book distribution program called
“A Time For Joy Initiative,” bringing books, vibrance, and appreciation to nursing homes and retirement communities.

Penisten’s book A Time For Color was released in May 2022 and he and his wife, Landa, were inspired to share the book’s timely message with the long-lived community after a heartwarming response. “We started this initiative after seeing so many people read our book and noticing the emotions that they felt; it brought many to tears—but tears of joy, remembering their youth and just the affirmation that joy is still there. We felt a special pull towards the elderly as many of them were unable to be with their loved ones throughout the pandemic.”

In the uplifting and gentle story, a cheerful boy’s colors shine bright as he enjoys each day’s splendor with gratitude, curiosity, and joie de vivre. But as the years passed and the boy became an older man, he became jaded, his colors fading, and his world gray—until he realized that vibrance for life is a choice you make. No matter the challenges or troubles life serves up, the small wonders of life are all around us, coloring our lives.

Launching on May 1, Penisten’s goal for his “A Time for Joy Initiative” is to get as many copies of
A Time For Color to retirement communities and nursing homes as possible. Initial feedback from the trial of this program had nursing home residents comment “This book stirred emotions in me that I haven’t felt in years,” and “I feel this book is relatable to all ages, I felt a strong connection with the main character.” A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with funding the initiative as well as through Penisten’s book website. To donate and learn more about the initiative, visit and


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