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Have you ever felt tired and sick? There are various reasons hidden behind being tired, fat, and sick, and in recent days, autoimmunity has become one of the major reasons. Many people have talked about this autoimmunity, but Dr.Tom O'Bryan, the owner of, took several years and researched well about the autoimmunity.


California, USA, 15th April – Have you ever felt tired and sick? There are various reasons hidden behind being tired, fat, and sick, and in recent days, autoimmunity has become one of the major reasons. Many people have talked about this autoimmunity, but Dr.Tom O'Bryan, the owner of, took several years and researched well about the autoimmunity. As a result of that research, he found that it is truly a spectrum, and he wrote the book "Autoimmune Fix." The book is available on, and apart from that, it is available on many other book-selling platforms.
This book is a science-based paradigm shift in understanding the origins of autoimmune disease and the role of diet and lifestyle in its prevention and treatment. It is a mandatory to read for anybody looking for details about autoimmune diseases. The author of this book is a world-renowned expert on gluten and its health consequences. He is a worldwide familiar and sought-after narrator and workshop chief focused on the complications of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, the improvement of Autoimmune Diseases both outside and inside the intestines, and Celiac Disease.

Overview of autoimmune diseases
The Autoimmune Fix is an influential and compelling examination of the mechanisms underlying this modern world's surge in autoimmune conditions. And thankfully, Dr. O Bryan's masterful text provides a tried-and-true plan for rebalancing the immune system and reawakening health. Before placing your autoimmune fix book, you need to know some basics about autoimmunity and the diseases. Autoimmunity is said to be as the existence of antibodies produced by T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes directed in opposition to a person's standard components. These components, known as autoantigens or self-antigens, are typically proteins or proteins complex to nucleic acids.
Autoantibodies and autoreactive T lymphocytes are antibodies and T lymphocytes that recognize autoantigens. Autoimmune disease occurs when the human body's natural defense system cannot distinguish between foreign cells and your cells, causing the body to attack normal cells inadvertently. Additionally, the tissues in your body will also get damaged when there is autoimmunity. So far, nearly 80 types of autoimmune diseases affect various body parts. Each interesting detail about this autoimmunity was explained clearly in the autoimmune fix book.

List of diseases and symptoms 
As mentioned above, there are many autoimmune diseases, some of which are considered common autoimmune diseases. Type 1 diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Addison's disease, and autoimmune vasculitis are common autoimmune diseases, and each one has a different impact on your body. One of the diseases will damage the blood vessels and organs like kidneys, nerves, heart, etc. Others may affect the glands, such as adrenal glands, thyroid glands, etc. It is vital to identify the presence of autoimmune disease, and the book will help you with that.
Autoimmune fix book has mentioned the symptoms of many autoimmune diseases, prevention, treatment, and importantly, food, diet, and lifestyle. Once you buy the book, it becomes easy for you to know about the lists of symptoms, such as: 
difficulty focusing
Hand and foot numbness and tingling
Muscle ache
Redness and swelling
fever of low intensity
loss of hair

Individual diseases may also exhibit distinct symptoms. Type 1 diabetes, for example, results in extreme thirst, weight loss, and exhaustion. IBD causes bloating, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis or RA can appear and disappear. Remission is the period during which the symptoms disappear.

Root causes of autoimmune disease
However the technology has developed a lot, but still, it is a challenging task for researchers and doctors to identify the total root causes and risk factors of autoimmune diseases. After going through several types of research, some experts consider a few things as the root causes of this disease, and they are the genetic trigger, dietary trigger, environmental trigger, increased stress, smoking, and weight. People are responsible for certain causes, but they are not blameful for some causes like genetics. If you get the autoimmune disease from your family gene, it is not your fault.
Rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis may develop, which is risky to your body when obese or overweight. Do you know that Dr. Tom O'Bryan has mentioned smoking as a cause that increases autoimmune diseases in his autoimmune fix book? Yes, you can prevent autoimmune diseases by quitting smoking, reducing stress, etc. The food you are eating in your everyday life will also have an autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune protocol diet
The autoimmune fix book is popular as it tells about the autoimmune protocol diet or AIP diet. The autoimmune diseases can be minimized and managed by the proper diet, and being food conscious is required for everyone to lead a happy life. You should completely avoid the foods that will increase your body's inflammation. Leafy greens, meat, broccoli, salmon, avocados, blueberries, fatty fish, etc., are the examples of foods to eat that come under the AIP diet. In contrast to this, Dairy products, Nightshade vegetables, eggs, Gluten-containing foods, and sugar foods are listed as foods that should not be included in your AIP diet. These will increase inflammation and develop autoimmune diseases, and therefore it is good to avoid them.

In this book, Dr. O'Bryan spends a lot of time discussing the importance of gut health, which is something many people also talk about a lot. Part I of The Autoimmune Fix explains why the autoimmune disease has affected so many people and the problem. Part II offers a solution, a 'Transition Protocol' developed by Dr. O'Bryan to help autoimmune diseases sufferers improve and even reverse their ailing health. One of the most far-reaching, impactful changes humans can make to their environments is to avoid foods that harm them and introduce foods that help them.

When you are clear about the autoimmune diseases' basic details and get interested to learn more about them, order your Autoimmune fix book copy at You will receive the book within a few days, and additionally, you can also get a bonus bundle with your order. Once you start to read the book, your brain will learn so many new things.
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