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The third installment of the award-winning and visionary YA science fiction Christian series!

A young girl is the Chosen One to fulfill a prophecy in a battle between light and dark.


WAUKEE, Iowa - March 20, 2022 -- Earth has recently discovered that it is not alone. In a universe with portals to different dimensions, times, and worlds, a prophecy forebodes an interstellar war against evil and the forces of darkness, and that God will send a Chosen One and ten to end the war. In the third installment of his groundbreaking science fiction Christian series, The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth: Enoch, author Jarrod L. Edge brings another fascinating action-adventure of dragons, aliens, humans, other worlds, and divine destiny.

The prophecy predicts a great war for the universe by an Unholy Trinity of three – The Destroyer of Worlds, Queen Deceptra, and the Saint of the Apocalypse. For more than a thousand years, races of beings across various star systems that had been conquered were being oppressed and controlled by the Destroyer and its armies of otherworldly creatures, some insectoid or reptilian, others with wings, and zombie-like demons.

Young Elizabeth Sette and her family had been part of a mission to save these slaves from the wicked captor. As they prepare for the final battle against the universe, she is met by Enoch, seventh from Adam in the bible and who has been portended as the one who will always be, and who will come to teach and strengthen God’s people.

“The Destroyer is dead,” she said.
“Yes, Elizabeth,” Enoch replied. “Defeated by you at the Battle Between Light and Dark, a recorded point in time.”
“How do you know my name?” she asked.
“You are the Chosen One,” he said. “And I know you well…You have been touched by the hand of God”

Elizabeth, the Chosen One, is a savior in that she eliminates the Destroyer and sends a message to the universe, “God loves you.” After the Event, the galactic war, a vulnerable Earth exists where technology is rapidly advancing, there is radical ideological and sociological transformation, yet this world finds peace in Elizabeth’s message where Earth’s people realized that God loved them just as they are and their Christian faith begins to rise among them.

Through dimensional shifts and time toggling, wormholes and portals, the story’s characters are introduced to their own pasts and futures, what was and what is to come. The intriguing phenomenon has them interacting with the apostle John and King David, entering interplanetary worlds, liberating slaves, joining with dragons, sacrificing for humanity, and meeting one whose destiny is to lead people back to God. Hope, goodness, and faith lead the charge in overcoming the evil intentions, malicious enemies, and darkness in the universe.

Author Jarrod masterfully creates a compelling alternate universe and history in his captivating science fiction offering, artfully weaving in threads of Christianity, values, and morals. Fans of the first two titles in The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth series will delight in his action-packed and thought-provoking third book, Enoch, as well as those new readers looking for the next enduring science fiction classic.


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