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PixelPlex Announces an Update on Cross-platform App Development Services

Cross-platform apps eliminate the risk of businesses losing an audience on either platform used by native apps. PixelPlex uses a carefully selected tech stack to help businesses build quality cross-platform apps and achieve their audience reach goals.


PixelPlex, a provider of software development and consulting services has announced a crucial update on its cross-platform development services by redesigning and updating its landing page. The company works with businesses in a wide range of industries and niches delivering stellar apps for more than a decade. The aim of the update is to be more open about the company’s development process in general.

“Nowadays, there are various options and technologies available to businesses looking to shape their mobile presence with engaging and sophisticated apps. If you don't know what you're looking for or what to do with the technologies you choose, you might end up losing your audience or engagement capacity. But cross-platform apps offer a middle ground where you can grow your reach without worrying about your audiences’ operating systems. We have made every effort on our website to provide detailed information about this service to make it more relevant to our clients and web visitors,” said Vladimir Lebedevich, Head of Mobile Development.

PixelPlex’s app development approach is suitable for businesses of all scales while offering various benefits including the following:

Reaching a wider audience. Businesses can now make their mobile apps available to a larger number of people at once because they can be installed on any platform.
Low development cost. One project and one app are all a business needs to reach its customers and target audiences.
Shorter time to market. The time from developing an idea to having the app in the market may be reduced by 70-90 percent due to the use of a reusable codebase in hybrid mobile app development.
Apps that are easy to maintain and upgrade. The entire set of cross-platform mobile development software instruments is simple to maintain and update.

Native-like experience. The apps are just like the operating system's native apps in every way.
Easy cloud integration. Apps can be easily synchronized across multiple devices on the cloud thanks to their cloud integration.

PixelPlex has shared everything clients need to know about building cross-platform apps for their businesses on the redesigned page.

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