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New Way to Find Classes Coming this Spring!

Ann Arbor Based business launching a new class-finding website to help foster in-person learning.


New Way to Find Classes Coming this Spring!

Classooka, a new class-finding website based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is launching Spring 2022 that connects instructors who are looking to share their knowledge with people interested in learning new skills. The new website can be accessed at

Even with so many remote learning opportunities, in-person instruction is still the best way for people to learn. Not only can the student and instructor share knowledge more intimately but it is often necessary for acquiring new skills that require hands-on experience and classroom activity, such as swimming lessons, art workshops, and fitness training! Being in person also allows students to connect and learn from each other that just doesn’t happen with remote classes.

The site is inspired by the need to find local community classes and help encourage learning together in person. Most often it is frustrating for someone interested in learning new skills to find classes that fit their schedule. They are often left to search for hours on the internet, needing to download schedules and hunt through activity guides. Classooka helps instructors list their classes and helps customers easily find them all from one easy-to-use platform.

Classooka helps local instruction-based businesses that offer in-person classes whether they are 100% in person or offered live and virtual. Fitness studios, art teachers, music instructors, swimming centers, dance studios, tutors, and performing art centers typically require in-person instruction and are perfect for listing with Classooka. But the type of instruction can be about almost anything!

The developers of Classooka are excited to bring communities together by promoting personal growth and helping businesses sell more seats in their classes. It is perfect for any small to large business. From small fitness studios to large city activity centers, to colleges that offer higher education and extracurricular classes. Classooka can help their classes be easily found!

There are two ways to use Classooka. Firstly, we are looking for instructors to join our database and list their classes. We're offering free 1-year premium memberships for a limited time to list unlimited classes and sessions. The second way is to use Classooka as a customer looking for classes. You can easily search for a class in your area based on time, date, age level, and many other filters. Find a class that suits your interest and enroll online. You can learn more about how Classooka works by visiting our YouTube Channel:

Visit now to start listing your classes for free!

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Plymouth, MI 48170

Phone: 7274160226