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New Epic Novel, ‘NIGHT AFTER NIGHT,’ Showcases the Dangers of Partying Too Hard

Julian Font's fiction novel, 'NIGHT AFTER NIGHT,' the story of an up-and-coming nightclub promoter who learns the dark art behind throwing wild parties, is now available everywhere.


We live to party until partying literally KILLS us.

Today’s society has trained young adults to seek the modern-day holy grail referred to as “social clout.” Seeking social clout and succumbing to peer pressure has brought out the worst in our youth, leading to failed party stunts, overdoses, and other obscene attention-luring displays, all portrayed in ‘NIGHT AFTER NIGHT.’

“It’s incredible, the trouble we get ourselves and others into while simply trying to ‘have a good time.’ I found myself on the side of highways, roofied multiple times… I even woke up in a stranger’s house two doors down from a party my friend threw. I finally grew tired of losing control of myself and my mind, and want to spread awareness before it’s too late for someone else to do the same.” -Julian Font, ‘NIGHT AFTER NIGHT’ Author

Julian Font has conjured up and written down thrilling and emotional scenes, pulling inspiration from the recklessness of his youth. He has found himself in multiple near-death experiences while under the influence, and throughout it all, Font has documented these stories and portrays them through the eyes and mind of the fictional protagonist, Jay Amor.

The book takes readers through Jay Amor’s personal journey as an up-and-coming nightclub promoter with a gift of being able to read people. It also offers an in-depth look into the psyche of someone who copes with the tragic loss of a loved one while looking after his brother who struggles with alcoholism. Through overlapping character arcs and thought-provoking yet witty dialogues, twists and turns arise in every corner as Jay Amor dissects celebrity culture and the “Hollywood scene.”

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