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Meet MB GOLDEN tanzanian musician with his background biography

MB GOLDEN - the succesful african artist in the united states


Mulette Ally(born 02,12,1997), popularly known by his stage name MB GOLDEN, is a Tanzanian, bongo flava recording artist, dancer, philanthropist and a businessman of Massa Graphics design. He was born in Tanzania and raised in Nampula, Mozambique. He is the founder and CEO of SLR Record Label. MB Golden has gained a cult following in East and Central Africa. He became the first Africa-based artist in Portland,Oregon to reach a combined total of 100k YouTube views.

His career began at the age of 16, in 2012 selling clothes, cutting hair and recording songs with money he earned and recorded his first single "MAISHA" fused with R&B. The song was not successful commercially.

His breakthrough hit single "KIBEGA" was released in 2014. The song won three Tanzania Music Awards. He then released his debut studio album " Bend over " the same year in 2014.

In 2015, MB G olden earned his first nomination at BCA Awards 2015 for Best upcoming Artist.
Mb Golden has frequently collaborated with videographer Director Sunday Alemeru for his music videos. The music video for "deamn hot", directed by sunday alemeru, was nominated for "Best East African Underground Video" at the 2021 after signing a record deal with GVR Music in 2019, released his third studio album, ACTIA (2020).

A year from 2021 MB Golden released his first song MOTO.

“ I was born in Africa, Kigoma, Tanzania and I grew up in Nampula,Mozambique . The best event that ever happened in my life is coming to America. he thank God every single day for giving his family a second chance in life. Coming to America did not just change my life, but changed the way He sees things and how he believe anything is possible. My dreams started when he was back home in Africa. At the age of 8, he was already doing Africans plays and joined an African dance team. BCBG .
When He was 11 he joined an African dance team where he would go out and perform. My family went through a tough time in Mozambique. He remember watching his mother and dad do all that they could to provide food, clothes, water so that we could have a normal life. “ In 2012, thanks to the immigration service that listened to our story and saw how miserable our life was, they gave us the opportunity of a lifetime and brought us to a place where I was able to believe one day my dreams will come true, Portland Oregon , United States. “for a new start.

“ Throughout the 8 years in the United States, I have chased after my dreams in the state of Oregon . At 19 years old I was able to move myself to Los Angeles following my acting dreams. In early 2015, I discovered my love for rap after a close friend asked to hear a song that I had written for fun. My first rap song was about life ( MAISHA ) which you can find on YouTube.

The music video was shot by my friend through an iPhone. Today the video is standing at 12k views. I earned public attention after releasing my first single “Deamn Hot ” in late 2019 to my YouTube account, which helped to build my fan base on Instagram. I released my second single ACTIA off of my 8 songs EP on June 7th 2021. This single is what got me noticed in my little community, the music video did very well on YouTube as well as the downloads. Until today “ ACTIA ” I would say is most successful single. Although I am still at the beginning of my career I am thankful for all of my success, and I am sure there is more to come!

I faced a lot of obstacles coming into the music industry. It is already hard enough for a female artist to be respected and seen as an artist. One of the challenges I had to face was being told that I am not good enough, having a hard time booking shows because, I I am not taken seriously, and this something that I continue to face until to this day.

And of course, my big brother Andre Ally always supports me through tough times and good times with my music career.

My future plans is maybe in the future if the right opportunity presents itself get time to label and continue to make fun great music and build my band “ MB golden ” (The Golden King ) turquoise my signature color and in the future I plan on opening a fashion line, where the dominant color will be Gold.

Another goal of mine is, I want to go back to my native country and Open an orphanage center where I can help little kids who have no parents get an education and open up an Arts Academy for kids who have interests for the arts. “

Contact Info
MB Golden
8957 N Woolsey ave portland Oregon 97203

Phone: 9712748801