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PixelPlex Updates Webpage on Android Apps Development

Mobile app development is at its peak, but only innovative solutions will matter now and in the future. PixelPlex incorporates the latest technologies to build futuristic Android apps for business.


PixelPlex is a known leader in innovative software technologies and offers full-cycle innovative-driven android app development services. The company develops Android apps with new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and XR & AR help to enhance app features to improve business operations.

With more than 40 highly skilled Android app development experts (, the company has the full capability of meeting numerous business challenges through app development. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple or complex project. All clients’ needs are treated equally. In fact, the company has a three niche approach to their service delivery as follows:

Full cycle app development: Offering services and support from an app idea to app launch and everything else in between. The company also ensures to create integrations that match a client’s existing infrastructure and processes.

Business of all sizes: PixelPlex doesn’t offer services based on the size of a company. Businesses of all sizes, whether startups or established brands, receive the same services and support.

Innovative solutions: The company uses an innovation-first approach in developing Android apps that fit current user needs and those in the future, ensuring scalability.

According to the CEO, Alexei Dulub, PixelPlex is looking to help businesses gain a competitive advantage through the most innovative apps they can get. “As a software development company with over 13 years experience, we have learned a lot about industry-specific pain points. This is from working with businesses in all sectors, including healthcare, FinTechs, supply chain and logistics, gaming, sports, wellness, and fitness, among many others. We are continuously devising ways to ensure our app development are useful to customers.” He continued to say.

The company also offers services to clients who only need help with only a part of their app development phases. They ensure that clients get specialized services to tackle the challenges they’re facing. This could be offering app tech audit, help with app engineering, design, or a development strategy. PixelPlex is all about helping businesses reach their app development goals and better efficiency.

About PixelPlex
PixelPlex is a software consulting and development company offering innovative solutions through blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR, and more.

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