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Better visuals for users from UnicornGo and Antix

Based on the trends of recent years, we can assume that in the next one or more decades, mankind will follow the path of development of meta-universes. Guess one of the most significant will be Meta (formerly Facebook), but what will the others be?

Unlike the social networks, interactive games, and online shopping that we are used to, meta-universes are designed for creating maximum customization of the virtual world, making it more enthralling and attractive than the real offline world.

Over time, we will remember today's dabbling with buying pixel art NFT and low-bandwidth, nonecological blockchains as chronicles of the Stone Age. Generation Z is no longer interested in obtaining into a two-hour Hollywood movie or watching a drawn-out series. They are more interested in streaming and TikTok, where importantly is the interaction with the audience. Games, actions, visuals, and communication are emergent values.

Obviously, all meta-universes will strive to make their worlds as realistic as possible. But it was the UnicornGo that pioneered this trend. For the first time in blockchain games, users will be able to get unrealistic detail and cinematography as opposed to the usual primitivism and minimalism of the industry. This is what everyone has been waiting for - the combination of blockchain and the capability of Unreal Engine.

UnicornGo Multiverse, the most visually outstanding game on the blockchain, seems to have already hired Lewis Carroll as the architect of its worlds. Now they intend to surprise users with the most advanced visual effects that are technically available today.

The UnicornGo Multiverse will be brought to life by Antix, whose team members have done visual effects in Quake Champions, S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2, Dota 2, Hollywood movies, and series such as Star Wars, Love, Death & Robots, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Pacific Rim, The Walking Dead, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and many others.

The Antix team knows better than anyone else how to create unobtainable animation, visual effects, realistic characters, using grooming and screenplay.

UnicornGo, in turn, has set an ambitious goal that at least 40 million users will appreciate the infantilizingly beautiful, yet existentially bleak world of fairy-tale fantasy unicorns in the first 2 years of release. Unicorngo Multiverse will soon be home to any crypto-assets, any art, and hundreds of thousands of blockchain networks that create trust in an environment without trust.

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