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How To Hear The Voice Of God Is The Focus Of New Christian Book, Living A Parable, by Christian Author Silvia Davis, Available In Kindle Format At No Charge November 15 Through November 17

The new book serves as a devotional for women, a devotional for men and as a Bible study guide. The Kindle version of the new book will be available at no charge November 15 through November 17, 2021


In the Christian Bible we read story after story about the Voice of God speaking to our ancestors, but what does that really mean? Was there a voice booming from the sky? Or was it an internal voice, akin to a whisper? Or perhaps something else?

Most of us do not believe we can hear that Voice. But what if it is not an actual voice after all? Christian author Silvia Davis, in her latest Christian book titled 'Living A Parable, Finding Lessons in Unlikely Experiences', demonstrates that God speaks to us all day, every day through our personal experiences. God is always teaching and we find those lessons in unlikely experiences. This is not your typical Christian book.

Devotion to God, scripture references to study from the Bible, and lessons rooted in the Word, are pretty much where the similarities between Living a Parable and most other devotionals end. There is no daily reading plan or several made-up analogies that are used to bring forth the truth. 'Living a Parable: Finding Lessons in Unlikely Experiences', is rather a testimony to how God uses life to teach us. Composed of several short and entertaining stories, 'Living a Parable' is a compilation of real-world experiences from the author's life, that will undoubtedly make you laugh and take you down your own memory lane.

“After reading this book readers will find themselves thinking, during the course of even their daily activities, 'I know there is a lesson in this for me somewhere.” Davis stated. “Readers will see from the examples in the book that life isn’t about simply going through the motions of daily life and checking off boxes. There is meaning to be found everywhere.”

Readers and reviewers alike have praised 'Living A Parable'. BookLife Reviews, sponsored by Publishers Weekly, stated, "A nostalgic portrayal of a Black Christian family and a call to prioritize worship, this guide extols the virtue of active devotion."

Another said, ". . .Although the book is an easy read I found myself taking my time reading it. I wanted to let the authors words sink in. At times I felt as if God was speaking to me through the words on the pages. We all go through things in our lives and the author has touched on many different trials in life that we all have gone through or are going through. This is definitely a book that I know I will find myself going back to over and over again." Another stated, " I found myself reading a chapter and putting the lesson in the context of my own life, seeing how God has worked in my and my experiences to teach me and others these lessons as well. It's an excellent read, and a wonderful way to be given more Bible knowledge."

The best Christian books help us hear the voice of God more clearly. 'Living A Parable' can serve as a Bible study guide and a devotional for both men and women, serving up a healthy dose of laughter while doing so.

Living A Parable will be available in Kindle format at Amazon at no charge November 15 through November 17, 2021. Silvia Davis is available for media interviews and speaking engagements and can be reached using the information below, or by email at 'Living A Parable' is available at online book retailers. More information is available at her website at

About Silvia Davis:

Silvia Davis has been a member of the Church of Christ for thirty-two years. She is a devoted wife to her husband, John, and is a mother of two. Silvia's primary goal in life is to motivate and encourage others. Through public speaking and the utilization of social media, she has helped hundreds prioritize the value of self-worth and self-care both spiritually and physically. She currently lives in Arizona.

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