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Snowman Golf Continues Rapid Expansion

Snowman Golf is becoming a force in the golf apparel industry. They continue to release new products and have major plans for the future.


CHICAGO,IL.--Snowman Golf is continuing to expand their new line of golfwear focusing on embracing the balance of simply enjoying the game and having fun while doing so. Snowman currently offers seven different hat designs in a variety of different styles, ranging from corduroy and truckers to a more prototypical polyester material for the course. They also recently released three polos. All three designs are 4-way stretch material consisting of polyester and spandex. The shirts come in three designs, Hot Ice, Angry Snowman, and Scratch Golfer. Snowman also offers a rotating supply of t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, along with miscellaneous accessories, including, headcovers, ball markers, towels, and gloves.

Snowman’s products are a fun mix of gear that can be worn on or off the course. Quality is top notch. Pricing is relatively affordable as well relative to the industry (polo shirts go for $52). Snowman has three new polos that will be releasing later in November. They take have a very direct line of communication with their customers and take their comments and suggestions seriously when designing their products.

Snowman Golf’s apparel can be found online at their website, and on their Instagram page, snowman_golf.

About Snowman Golf

Snowman Golf was formed in 2021 in the Chicago suburbs. Their intent was to embrace mediocrity and to focus on simply enjoying the game. They plan on trying to make golf apparel fun and affordable for all.


Contact Info
Snowman Golf
21929 N Farthingdale Ct, Deer Park, IL 60010

Phone: 8472123253