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Tenaz puts the“SELF” back in Self - Empowerment

Author Tenaz Sunavala book release event of her debut book 'The Path To Self Empowerment- My Meditations with Grandma', was held at the Sugar Creek Country Club, Sugar Land Texas on October 31st 2021. A hundred guests attended the event. Attendees were family, friends, and prominent community members. The event was lively and thought provoking.


Is social media turning self-empowerment into another false ideal?
Are we being overwhelmed by choice when it comes to well-being programs?
Is society robbing us of the patience to find the inner keys to self-empowerment…?
…Or are we becoming victims of our own “Amazon Prime mentality”?

Missouri City, Texas, 11/15/2021 Self-empowerment, well-being, mindfulness, be the best version of yourself. We’re being inundated with these concepts and buzzwords lately, whether it’s through social media, television self-help gurus, or corporate wellness programs.

But ironically, what can get lost in the stream of adverts for endless rounds of courses and challenges covering everything from yoga to sobriety to productivity is the very thing they are meant to empower… Ourselves!

The downside of having so much information at our fingertips is that we can be offered lots of choice but precious little in the way of answers. Just how do these courses help us to empower ourselves? And more importantly, which one is right for us at this point in our unique story? We go looking for inner peace but end up being overwhelmed by alluring slogans, beautifully filtered photographs, and “buy it now before the special offer ends” demands.

We can try hundreds of these methods, programmes, and coaches, spending thousands of dollars only to find that we become addicted to them. Why? Because, without meaning to, we fall into the trap of looking to other people for answers and validation — and so falling victim to the negative influence of social media peer pressure.
But real change — spiritual growth and healing — can only come from within. We all know this on a deep level, but the blare of algorithms, promises of quick fixes, and the speed at which we’re now told we have to live at all serve to distract us and obscure this calm, simple truth. We develop an Amazon Prime mentality: if we can’t find inner peace with free next-day delivery, we don’t want to know.
However you dress it up, all methods of self-empowerment can ultimately be reduced to the core keys of gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, and self-love. And these keys can only be reached through meditation, mindfulness, and balancing your physical and spiritual realities. It’s that simple, but it takes time and practice.

My book, The Path to Self-Empowerment: Meditations with Grandma, explains all of this. It was officially released October 31st 2021 in Sugar Land, Texas. Rather than making the reader dependent on any external resources, it works to make itself ultimately redundant to the reader by giving them the keys to empower themselves and remain empowered.
My name is Tenaz Sunavala; I am an author, self-empowerment guide, and a mother from Houston, Texas. If you would like to contact me to talk in more depth about my work within women’s well-being and self-empowerment or more generally about these subjects in a post-pandemic world, please get in touch with me via any of the following:
Mobile: 832 335 0075

Mailing Address: 3615 Fallbrook Drive, Missouri City, Texas 77459
Instagram: tenazsunavala

Notes for editors:
Tenaz Sunavala was the owner of a successful business, later took the corporate route, and is currently an author. She grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, and lived in New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania before moving to her current hometown of Houston, Texas. She has a background in international relations and worked as a paralegal.
Tenaz was a presenter for Houston Women Entrepreneurs at the World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce (Houston Chapter) and also presented at the United Nations NGO CSW21, speaking about the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals with a strong focus on good health, well-being, and gender equality. She is an active member of the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA), both nationally and in its Houston Chapter.. Her passions are to guide, empower, and bring spirituality back to our lives for a fuller, richer, more purposeful, and contented life.
Tenaz conducts individual and group mindfulness and self-empowerment sessions for women promoting awareness and open discussions on heart and mind wellness and removing the stigma around mental health. She also conducts ‘Healing through Storytelling; workshops with several Women’s organizations and also promotes corporate wellness.. She empowers today’s women to become tomorrow’s leaders using lessons learned from her own life experiences. Her most satisfying role, however, is that of mother. She was a stay-at-home mom for the first fifteen years of her two (now grown-up) children’s lives.

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Tenaz Sunavala
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Phone: 8323350075