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Tilswall Provides Special 10% Discount on Halloween-related Power Tool Products

Tilswall Provides Special 10% Discount on Halloween-related Power Tool Products Enabling Users to Enjoy Halloween-themed DIY fun.


To celebrate Halloween 2021, Tilswall provides Special Halloween offers on its power tool products with a discount of 10% off mainly for homeowners and DIYers. The discount code can be applied on Tilswall Rotary Tool Kit and Tilswall Paint Sprayer 800W by Oct. 30th.

Halloween Discounted Product: Tilswall Rotary Tool 160W
The rotary tool kit is one of the most versatile gizmos for pro-makers and entry-level DIYers to keep in workshops or studios. Upon Halloween 2021, users can use this versatile tool to carve a Halloween pumpkin. That’s why Tilswall provides a special discount on Tilswall Rotary Tool.

The best advantage that the Tilswall Rotary Tool kit broads is versatility. Coming with 145 PCs of different accessories, the Tilswall Rotary Tool kit is capable of doing carving, grinding, milling, polishing, drilling, sanding, engraving, and more. Equipped with a pure copper motor, the Tilswall Rotary Tool supports 6 variable speeds to meet different DIY requirements.

When carving a Halloween pumpkin, users may use the carving and engraving accessory to engrave the design into the pumpkin by following the pattern laid out by the perforations. Users may need to use the cutting accessory to do some cutting. Finally, users can use the sanding band accessory to do some smoothing. Why not enjoy a discount to get the first Rotary Tool!
Discount code: Halloween10%
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Halloween Discounted Product: Tilswall Paint Sprayer 800W
A paint sprayer is for homeowners to do some house renovation work. Upon Halloween 2021, why not think about painting the outdoor shed into the pumpkin color?
The 800 watts power enables the Tilswall HVLP Paint Sprayer to provide an excellent atomization effect and bring out smooth and superior painting results. Coming with 3 nozzles, Tilswall HVLP Paint Sprayer supports painting in 3 different diameters, respectively 1.0mm, 1.8mm, and 2.6mm. The adjustable valve knob allows the painter to adjust its flow control from 0 to 1100ml/min. With a maximum viscosity of 120 din/sec, Tilswall HVLP Paint Sprayer won't get clogged easily. Choose it as the tool to paint decks, fences, furniture, sheds, ramps, and garages.
Discount code: Halloween10%
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Halloween-Related Product: Tilswall Glue Gun
When it comes to detail work and smaller crafts, mini hot glue guns are one of the must-go-to for DIYers and hobbyists. By using a hot glue gun, users can make endless easy DIY crafts, such as Halloween silicone molds, a Halloween mask, fake corals, Halloween candle crafts. Read the Halloween Glue Gun Ideas on Tilswall website.
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