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Researchers release new seminar series on Healing, Inflammation, and Fibrosis

Researchers from the McGill University Health Center have released a new series in the journal “Seminars in Plastic Surgery” on novel advances in healing, inflammation, and fibrosis.


Authors from McGill University and Baylor College of Medicine’s Divisions of Plastic Surgery have released a new seminar in Plastic Surgery under the guest editor Dr. Joshua Vorstenbosch MD PHD FRCSC. Wound healing, poor scarring, and inflammation comprise a major area of innovation and research given the direct impact on patient’s surgical results.

Dr. Vorstenbosch is a leader in the field and is an excellent editor given his past clinical and basic science research experience, says Dr. Tyler Safran a senior resident in the division of Plastic Surgery at McGill and an author on four of the articles. The articles describe multiple key topics such as capsular contracture (excessive peri-prosthetic/ implant scarring), negative pressure wound therapy, basic wound healing biology, and scar management.

Seminars in Plastic Surgery is a quarterly review journal that publishes topic-specific issues covering all areas of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. The journal's scope includes issues devoted to breast reconstruction, rhinoplasty, lipogenesis and lipoplasty, craniomaxillofacial trauma, and all other major plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Safran and Dr. Peter Davison, a staff plastic surgeon at the Royal Victoria Hospital, both agree that it is crucial to understand the science behind wound healing to be able to create targeted therapies and strategize to optimize patient outcomes. This series provides any physician with key insights.

The topics range from hypertrophic scarring, bone healing, tendon healing, negative pressure wound therapy, radiation fibrosis, and malignant degeneration of scars.

The series can be found at:

It is also indexed on PubMed and Google Scholar.


Dr. Joshua Vorstenbosch MD PHD FRCSC: Staff Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal Quebec.

Dr. Peter Davison MD FRCSC: Staff Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal Quebec.

Dr. Tyler Safran MD: Senior Plastic Surgery resident at McGill University,

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