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Purdy Pet Food Announces New Product Launches

Leading boutique small-batch pet treat maker announces new product launches, offering more options inthe super premium pet treat market


Williamstown, NJ - The much-anticipated wait is over! Purdy Pet Food, a leading boutique small-batch pet treat maker, is proud to announce the release of their latest creations for your furry family friends, namely freeze-dried raw chicken treats. They are available now in a huge variety of ?ve di?erent ?avors: Chicken Heart, Chicken Neck, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Feet, and last but not least, Chicken Liver.
Starting with an idea that originated in 2016, Purdy Pet Food is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Williamstown, NJ that is already well known for their delicious freeze-dried raw beef and pork treats. The inspiration for the entire endeavor started after their beautiful Rottweiler, Raina Peaches, joined the family.

All of their treats are insanely fresh, exceptionally healthy, single ingredient concoctions, and contain no ?llers or unwanted by-products. Each yummy ?avor starts with a meticulous hand-trimming of any fat and are freeze-dried right away. After performing quality control checks that include a Thermal Imaging process to ensure the freeze-drying process is complete, the treats are then packaged in a resealable bag that is heat sealed for long lasting freshness.?

Why are raw and freeze-dried treats better for pets? Because all too often, cooking or dehydration methods can reduce the nutritional value of a treat’s key ingredients. By using raw meat and processing it via freeze-drying, the wholesome nutrition content of each ingredient is left in its natural state as it should be - fully intact.

Purdy Pet Food treats are not just for your canine companion either. Your furry feline friend is sure to love these tasty new chicken treats too! No matter the size of your couch cohort, these freeze-dried raw treats can be fed in whole strips, or they are easily broken into smaller pieces for more modest appetites.


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