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George The Matchmaker is in the Spotlight for a Noble Cause

George the Matchmaker is in the spotlight again, but this time is for a noble cause. George Cervantes is helping the local animal shelters and wants more people to do the same.

Los Angeles News - NBC Los Angeles

It’s that time of the year again. Time when animal shelters are overflowing with animals of all kinds and without much help to take care of them. George Cervantes, the celebrity matchmaker known as George The Matchmaker, is volunteering during his spare time and also contributing to the local animal shelter where he lives in Los Angeles and he wants more people to do the same.

Folks can help the local animal shelters just like George the Matchmaker by adopting a furry little friend or contributing a few dollars for their food. Animal shelters are always in need of a helping hand from a local neighbor. You will feel so much better after you visit and help your local animal shelter.

Many animal shelters are running out of space during the busy summer months and want people to play foster parent for their cats and dogs. Not everyone can do this, but for those who can, this will be a huge help. Donating a few dollars always goes a long way at the local shelters who need food, medicine, bedding and many things to keep their furry friends alive and happy.

George The Matchmaker is urging people to go to their local shelter and help out in any way possible. Those who go will feel absolutely amazing after going and helping those poor animals in need.

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