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New breast cancer reconstruction technique shows promise

Surgeons, in this new article, have demonstrated a novel breast cancer reconstruction technique for women with larger, ptotic breasts. This new technique shows excellent surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Previously, these women were not eligible for implant based reconstruction.


Breast cancer reconstruction has been shown to dramatically improve patient outcomes after undergoing life-saving mastectomies. Recently, efforts have increased to improve the experience for women and ensure that a larger proportion are offered safe, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing results. The Jewish General Hospital’s Plastic Surgery research team lead by senior resident Dr. Tyler Safran and chief of plastic surgery Dr. Tassos Dionisopoulos have become world leaders in a new form of breast cancer reconstruction: Prepectoral Direct-To-Implant Reconstruction. This technique has been shown to improve outcomes, decrease postoperative pain and limit complications. One major criticism has been that it cannot be used in women with larger and more ptotic (droopy) Breasts. A study by Drs. Safran and Dionisopoulos released last month in the highest impact plastic surgery journal challenges this prior claim and demonstrates that with a modification of the technique, larger breasted women can be offered this technique with excellent outcomes. Additionally, they have demonstrated how it is possible to keep the nipple-areolar complex, which has been deemed by many to be not feasible in this patient population.

“By removing the pectoralis major muscle out of the equation, we are able to offer patients a less painful and more natural result”, says Dr. Safran. “This article is the first of its kind that demonstrates the skin-reducing technique that is able to maintain the nipple in the reconstruction. We have demonstrated that the complication profile, aesthetic results and patient-reported outcomes are excellent in this patient population.” Dr. Safran says that patients often feel as though they have had a breast lift/reduction and have a more aesthetic shape to their large breasts.

Under the tutelage of Dr. Dionisopoulos, Dr. Safran has completed a master’s degree in Experimental Surgery where he focuses on continually improving outcomes in implant-based breast reconstruction. “We are always striving to improve our outcomes and the patient experience,” says Dr. Safran. With one in almost seven women diagnosed with breast cancer each year, these efforts to improve outcomes are continuing on a world-wide scale.

The article can be access on the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal’s Website

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