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PixelPlex Introduces Ease and Top-notch Data Security to Document Processing

PixelPlex provides updated information about DocFlow, a blockchain-based document processing software that helps to bring more possibilities for office processes.


PixelPlex, a company at the forefront of developing highly disruptive solutions for the benefit of businesses unveils its new blockchain-centric document management system ( called DocFlow. The solution is one that’s set to bring better effectiveness and security to the paperwork cycle through the use of advanced smart contract technology.

Alexei Dulub, who’s the CEO of PixelPlex, noted that the company chose to develop the product after analyzing some common issues faced while using the traditional document management system. Some of the issues DocFlow is created to solve include risk from using a third-party online document management systems; delays in processing routines; and the risk of compromising data security.

DocFlow’s infrastructure includes a blockchain database for storing vital information; a web user interfaces for the software’s administrators; a UI for storing and accessing documents; a secure API gateway through which data can be accessed. The company’s team of blockchain developers noted that DocFlow offers impeccable security and processes that can be easily tracked. They further reiterated that it helps to accelerate document processing by ensuring that processing, retrieval and issuance are automated.

Irrespective of the size and complexities of a business, DocFlow can help to do things in a more ideal way. It can be safely used, can seamlessly integrate with multiple platforms, and can be accessed from any geographical location around the world.

Alexei Dulub explains that DocFlow is noted to have impeccable applications in finance, insurance and accounting document management; legal document management; real estate document management; e-Commerce document management; and document management in the telecommunication industry.

In a well-detailed format, the company reveals the process of working on any DocFlow project. It first initiates DocFlow on the blockchain network, starts DocFlow from the company’s end, registers platform administrators and its users, integrates needed third-party services, and starts processing documents.

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