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Quioveo Energy Partners with Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy to Build Tech Centering Black Communities in Climate Action

Climate intelligence startup will support the anchor organization of the Red, Black, and Green New Deal to promote energy democracy


Philadelphia, PA: Quioveo Energy (“Quioveo”), a Black immigrant-led social enterprise building technologies designed to unlock access to sustainable energy throughout the United States, announced that they are partnering with the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (“GCCLP”) as the first enterprise-level user of their flagship product, Illuminator. GCCLP is a public interest law firm and justice center that serves as the anchor organization of both the five southern state climate justice initiative called Gulf South for a Green New Deal and the national climate justice initiative at the Movement for Black Lives called the Red, Black and Green New Deal. Illuminator, currently still in development, will collect data and generate analytics at the intersection of energy, economics, demographics, geography and other parameters.

In announcing the partnership, founder and CEO Leo Alicante said, "It is an honor and a privilege for our first customer to be such a visionary organization that centers communities of color in the work of climate justice across the country. I am proud about the way this partnership demonstrates where our priorities are as a non-traditional tech startup, and I believe that together, we will use dynamic, intersectional data and technology to support disinvested communities in leading the transition to a new energy paradigm.”

This contract will be in effect through December 31, 2022, and will be executed in three phases, including pre- and post-development of Illuminator. By engaging at this stage, GCCLP, its partners, and the communities it serves will play a critical role in defining what Illuminator becomes - the rare occasion when an AI-driven technology is designed from the beginning almost entirely based on input from communities of color.

“While we are eager to see what Quioveo’s technology will eventually do to support our work in advancing structural shifts in climate justice and ecological equity,” said Colette Pichon Battle, Esq, founder and Executive Director of GCCLP, “we know that this work is first and foremost about people. It's time we invest in Black and frontline-led enterprises because they are the people who understand what it means to live at the intersection of climate change and systemic inequities. They are the ones building the tools specifically to overcome these challenges. It's time for a broader set of this society to follow our lead and recognize the necessity and honor of what it is to partner with a firm like Quioveo.”

This partnership comes as Quioveo enters the final days of its seed capital campaign on Wefunder, a crowdinvesting platform that allows anyone with at least $100 to invest and earn a stake in the privately-held company. The campaign will end on June 15, 2021. To find out more, visit

About Quioveo Energy: Quioveo Energy is a startup climate tech social enterprise based in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 2018, it’s mission is to catalyze the actual use of sustainable renewables by the US electric grid, through technologies that enable community ownership and optimize the flow of energy that is already being produced.

About Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy: The Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP) is a non-profit, public interest law firm and justice center with a mission to advance structural shifts toward climate justice and ecological equity in communities of color on the frontline of climate change. GCCLP envisions social, economic and political systems throughout the Gulf South that promote equity and justice for all people.

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