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Textile Expert to Release Picture Book About Dresses

Detroit Based Fashion and Textile Expert to Release Children’s Picture Book About Dresses


Detroit Based Fashion and Textile Expert to Release Children’s Picture Book About Dresses

Maria Ragone, a fashion, and textiles expert based in Detroit Michigan is launching a children’s picture book that connects children to the significance of their clothing and the feelings clothing gives them. Images and details of the book can be found online at

Summary: Meet Nina, a girl who loves dresses, and she has a lot of them. She absolutely loves dancing and twirling in her dresses. Nina has a problem deciding which dress to wear every day because each dress is her favorite. Ultimately, she decides to wear all 20 of her dresses at the same time, but when things do not go exactly as planned her best friends come to her rescue. The story is about goal setting, perseverance, and friendship all while being a little silly.

Called, “Nina’s 20 Dresses,” the book is inspired by a girl who loves her clothing and wants to wear multiple dresses at the same time. “The idea of wearing 20 dresses at once came when my daughter was on her 4th dress of the day.” Ragone said, who has a degree in Fashion Design from Western Michigan University, a serial entrepreneur, an author, and owns a community magazine, West Bloomfield Lifestyle near Detroit, Michigan ( “She loves each of her dresses for its unique quality and can’t decide which one to wear. So she likes to wear several at a time!”

Ragone is the author of “Everyday Sewing”, creator of fashion app called WearThis, and has over 10 years in experience as a pattern maker for women’s accessories, home fashions and automotive seating. She hopes that this book will also inspire children to learn skills to transform their favorite clothing into something special.

“Nina’s 20 Dresses” will be available for sale on June 12, 2021.

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