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A controversial new novel that explores the idea of what retaliation against abusive police officers in the African American community might look like


Author R.A. St. James releases new novel with a shocking, controversial response to the abuse of innocent African Americans by police officers. It’s like #BlackLivesMatter meets The A-Team meets Death Wish.

In his new novel A Darkness Unto the Dawn, author R.A. St. James spins a tale of what might happen if a group of ex-Special Forces vigilantes decided they had enough of seeing innocent African American men, women and children gunned down in the streets by racist and/or incompetent police officers, and decided it was time to make them pay. It’s a story about what the cry for justice might look like in the hands of a group of skilled soldiers with the resolve to sacrifice everything for what they believe in.

Los Angeles, CA – January 25, 2021 – R.A. St. James is an African American author living in Los Angeles who, like many in this country, has grieved and wept over the countless news reports of black men, women and children that have lost their lives at the hands of police officers in this country. Many of these victims were either completely innocent or guilty of minor misdemeanors at the time of their deaths. Also, like many in this country, the author has dealt with the incredible frustration of watching so many of these officers escape any kind of punishment whatsoever for their actions. It was this frustration that led the author to write the novel A Darkness Unto the Dawn – a fictional account of a group of ex-military vigilantes that decide to target certain police officers that are guilty of such abuses, administer their own brand of justice, and broadcast it all on the web for the entire world to see. The book was published by August Crow Publishing and is available on and wherever books and ebooks are sold.

When asked about the controversial nature of the book, the author responded, “Yes, I realize that this is a story that has the ability to be extremely polarizing. You only have to look at all the ‘#BlackLivesMatter vs #BlueLivesMatter’ chatter on social media to know that. But this is a story that called to me, a story that I hadn’t seen expressed anywhere else and a story that I felt needed to be written. The basic plot is as old as time – someone commits a heinous crime and escapes prosecution by the authorities, and a frustrated individual or group of individuals takes it upon themselves to dispense justice. The only difference here is that it’s a group targeting ‘bad’ police officers and letting the world see the results of that action, so as to put all police officers ‘on notice’. Many might, at first glance, think that this is a story about anarchism, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a story about a community starving for justice, and one form that justice might take.”

The book blurb reads:

How much is one man willing to sacrifice to prove that black lives matter?
Ishmael “Ish” Carter is an African American computer whiz. He left his successful software company to proudly fight for his country against the Taliban.

But he’s disturbed by the dramatic increase in news reports of innocent black people murdered by ‘bad’ cops.

He’s haunted by the fact that the same country he’s put his life on the line for still maintains a system of racism that treats so many of its black citizens as though their lives were worthless.

When his young daughter is killed in yet another senseless police shooting, his days of sitting idly by are over. Together with a small group of like-minded individuals, Carter brings his military prowess and years of pent-up anger to the streets to right some wrongs.

FBI Special Agent Dexter Madden is a black man working hard to maintain justice and stay impartial in an America rampant with bigotry, discrimination and hate. It’s his job to stop this so-called ‘domestic terrorist group’, even as he sympathizes with their cause. To complicate matters, certain powers-that-be would rather they be captured dead than alive.

As the black militants set their sights on various corrupt members of law enforcement, Madden finds himself in an untenable situation. He’s caught between loyalty to his job and loyalty to his people. One wrong move could cost him everything, including his life.

Carter and Madden are two African American men on opposite sides of a battle neither can afford to lose.

Find out what happens when they go toe-to-toe in a fight for justice in this timely, gut-wrenching, vigilante crime thriller!

About Author
R.A. St. James is an African American author who lives in Los Angeles, CA. A Darkness Unto the Dawn is his first published novel. He released the novel first as a stand-alone book and then, due to its long wordcount, as a three-book series: Black Moon Rising: A Darkness Unto the Dawn – Book 1, Raging at the Sun: A Darkness Unto the Dawn – Book 2, and Beyond the Midnight Sky: A Darkness Unto the Dawn – Book 3.

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