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Souled, new album by the Italian artist Cortez out on February 25

Three new videos are already available on his YouTube channel to promote Cortez's new album, out on February 25th and totally self-produced. The album, which contains 15 songs written, played and arranged by the Italian artist himself, confirms the soul and funky disco breakthrough of the album "Come to Poppa" released just a few months ago.


Covid 19 has stopped many activities but not the creativity of the Italian artist, who has produced 4 albums, all in the last year. "Souled" is a hymn to joy, in a sad moment like the one we are now experiencing.

It is not a paradox, according to Cortez, but the need to find strength and will to live, even if still with many life limitations. "Souled" has the particularity of having been played entirely by Cortez: rhythms, horn sections and programming that make the new work a contemporary revival of soul and disco music, with a hint of funk and rhythm and blues.

An album full of rhythm and passion that must be listened all in one breath, as if it were an old soul vinyl. Cortez's “Souled” is one of that kind. In the vocal landscape that makes all singers uniform, often helped by Autotune, Cortez sings with a powerful and versatile voice, recalling artists from a glorious past.

Songs like "Moonlight over the City", "From the Cradle to the Grave", "Hit Me Up" and "We Can Carry On" are so full of rhythm, from funk to Caribbean rhythms that those who listen can hardly hold back from dancing.

A young album but with a respectable musical background, which will also appeal to middle-aged music lovers. Many artists imitate each other to ride fashions. This album anticipates fashions in its originality, which draws from the vinyl grooves of the 70s and 80s. Wurlitzer A200 and clavinet, sections of trumpets and trombones mixed with hip hop rhythms, which make "Souled" a must have for this 2021.

The album, released on February 25, 2021, will be on presale from January 21 on Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes with the immediately available song "Struggling to the Bone". All information and updates, videos and social links on the official Cortez website

A home album? Yes, because Cortez made it totally in his home recording studio, the ByMyself Studio under the supervision of his daughter, Anna, only 3 years old.

"I only chose the songs she liked when I performed them - Cortez closes - If he sang or danced to them after the first listen then, I thought, it means that I hit the mark, right?"
And you know, children never lie.

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