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New Book Tells You How to Live Forever

Learn the Secrets of the Gods in New Book Release that Tells You How to Be Forever Young


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (December 29 2020) - Young Australian author Eleanor Stewart releases debut new book, How to Live Forever, telling you the secrets of immortality and the Gods.

Asking such questions such as which of the Greek Gods the biblical God is and covering why humans rot energetically and die, how to unrot yourself, ancient astronauts, magic, energy and karma cleansing, astrology, alchemy, time and time travel, the juxtaposition of science and magic, numerology, Thoth and top secret history. How to regain time. Why the Bible says being gay is evil and how in fact the Church and patriarchy were really a bunch of homosexuals who hate women and have tried to destroy feminine intuition since Adam. How science needs to reincorporate intuition as Telsa says. Wealth and beauty secrets. How men who abuse women are always gay. Secrets of new money and old money. Why not being racist can actually paradoxically manifest more white people and how having dirty energy creates poverty and a shorter lifespan. How misogynists have used feminism against women in certain circumstances. What true woman and man is and does to be immortal. What the Tree of Knowledge and Life really are and how to incorporate them into your life.

Controversial, top secret knowledge of all that humans do to die. People have tried since inception, for thousands of years to disregard and destroy this knowledge to keep it hidden, whether it’s by burning witches or disavowing similar authors like Zecharia Stichin or Graham Hancock or attempting to destroy freedom of speech. All of this revealed and compounded right here to the modern era and now.

Available as an ebook on the Amazon Kindle store at for download to your desktop or phone or tablet.

Contact Info
Eleanor Stewart
10 Molesworth St, Kew, Victoria, Australia, 3101

Phone: +61 429 989 779