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Professional Artist Helps Play Key Role in Reducing Feelings of Sadness, Isolation in Pet Lovers

Numerous studies suggest fine art and pets separately have mental health benefits, combined pet-centric fine art brings happiness to many


Austin, MN - Countless empirical studies suggest that art improves health and well-being among individuals. Likewise, research giants such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have long touted the mental and physical health benefits of pet companionship. As COVID rages on, professional artist Jon Kittleson has found himself playing a key role in helping pet lovers find and maintain happiness during these times of unprecedented household isolation; a time when pet ownership also happens to be on the rise.

The CDC reports that the companionship and unconditional love of pets can help manage loneliness and depression. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there are more than 200 million pets in the United States. It should then be no surprise that Americans spend more than $70 billion a year on their pets, supporting a recession-proof industry in which consumers equate what they purchase with demonstrating love for their pets.

Not only have “Paint Your Pet” parties (pre-COVID, of course) - casual boozy get togethers often hosted by small local art galleries where you get to, well, paint your pet - grown in popularity around the country, so has fine art featuring pets. As a result, more and more professional artists are turning to pets as their subject matter of choice. The commissioning of a custom piece of fine art, such as a painting, drawing, or sculpture, used to only be for the ultra-rich but not so much anymore. These days, many artists are interested in being accessible to a wide range of pet lovers who also happen to appreciate fine art.

One such artist is Minnesota-based Jon Kittleson, his style once described by Art History Professor Rhonda Deussen as being “reminiscent of Matisse and Chagall,” with an approach that is both “new and bold.” After being left partially paralyzed by a tragic wrestling accident in middle school, Kittleson has experienced the sense of well-being that a pet’s companionship can provide: Dogs are a favorite subject because his own two dogs, Rosco and Ellie, motivate him to stay active and keep a positive outlook. Kittleson explains, “I believe that my art represents the power to overcome any challenge, mental or physical.”

Sheila Rilenge, Chief Client Strategist for Pet.Marketing (Pet-dot-Marketing), a small creative agency which helps those in the pet industry learn what makes pet lovers tick, says there’s a good reason why pet-centric fine art continues to be coveted by both art collectors and pet lovers alike: “America’s pet industry is a well-oiled machine fueled solely by emotion, developed and nurtured no differently than an artist’s desire to create something designed to arouse emotion in the viewer. What kind of fine art is more likely to evoke pleasure and strong emotion than that in which the subject is already close to your heart?”

Working exclusively in vibrant colored pencils, the artist’s custom pet commissions start at just $165.00 for an original 5” x 7” which come matted as an 8” x 10”. Kittleson explains, “I love creating works that connect with people and add color and joy to their lives.” Kittleson’s brilliant use of color and vivid expressionism bring the subjects of his work to life, invoking feelings of pure joy in his many fans.

Rilenge adds, “An artist with Jon Kittleson’s talent has no doubt made all the difference in bringing light to these dark times, particularly to those pet lovers who have been lucky enough to discover the happiness his work inspires.”

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