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Spitting Image Pulls Back the Genetic Curtain to Help Adoptees and Families

40-year Search for Family Identity Yields Valuable Lessons for All Seekers. This is the way.


Family historian, genetic genealogist and project management professional Ron Levi tells in his newly released book how people searching for biological family members can best prepare themselves for the reality of any outcome, and how the often challenging circumstances for parents can be addressed positively for everyone involved. Dedicated to motherhood, Spitting Image: A Foundling’s Memoir of Faith and Gratitude, targets adoptees, foundlings (adults abandoned shortly after birth), and their adoptive as well as biological families. It also provides resources for expectant mothers struggling with decisions to conceal their pregnancy and feelings of fear or desperation. The memoir explores the nearly universal appetite for closure by these seekers. Whether they simply want to know the identities of their birth parents, their ethnic origins, or their biological health history, ultimately they seek closure to questions which have eluded them since birth.

The explosion of recreational DNA testing in recent years has revealed an entire subculture of adoptees and foundlings who have at their disposal the means to uncover long-hidden secrets. The happy endings and tender reunions we enjoy on television shows like Finding Your Roots and Who Do You Think You Are are genuine; however, the less-discussed heart-breaking disappointments experienced by thousands are equally if not more prevalent. Spitting Image is the hopeful account of persistence through decades of obstacles, triumphs, and tragedies. Anyone searching for truth, genetic or otherwise, will identify and be encouraged. Issues of bi-racial and trans-racial adoption as well as colorism, identity, and privacy are addressed with candor and humor.

As the history of his adopted and biological families is revealed, a tapestry of American and European history is interwoven. Industrial Detroit, pre-revolutionary Cumberland County New Jersey, 19th century coal mines of Pennsylvania, the cotton fields of Middle Georgia, the middle passage from Africa and even the palaces of European royalty all inform a perspective that binds us all together.

“This book is a dive into a complex and rich history, one of courage, sadness, joy, understanding, and redemption…journey into the past, the present, and the influence of determined and strong women, mothers that shape the future through their love for their children even in the most devastating of circumstances." -- Heather Burner, RN, BSN – Executive Director, National Safe Haven Alliance

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