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fCoder SIA Releases a New Update of their Document Processing Software – FolderMill 4.8

FolderMill, a software for automated printing and conversion of documents, is now updated with a few new features for PDFs, HTMLs, emails, and images.


A new update for FolderMill, software for real-time document processing on Windows and Windows Server by fCoder, was released.

FolderMill monitors and automatically processes incoming files copied by end-users to a regular Windows folder. This folder turns into a "hot folder" and automatically converts incoming files or prints them to a selected printer. FolderMill proves to be important when it comes to automated document and image processing on servers or local computers.

The software has found use in a wide range of financial, banking, legal, healthcare, and logistics companies and entities. Here's a typical case from a hospital and research center: "We need FolderMill to print a fairly high volume of auto-generated PDFs. This may be one a second at busy periods. This also needs to run 24/7 and be stable/error-free on Windows 2012 server in a production environment."

The new version FolderMill 4.8 has new functionality: new color management options, ability to keep existing or create new bookmarks when converting to PDF, newly supported Adobe InDesign formats, and more. These are the most significant improvements since version 4.7:

• Preserving native CMYK color space of input images
• Ability to use an external ICC profile specified by user (e.g., FOGRA39)
• Improved processing of Outlook email message files
• Ability to block unwanted email attachments with Extract Exclude Mask (for Print Action)
• Ability to keep bookmarks' structure of source documents
• Ability to create bookmarks when merging two or more files to a multi-page PDF
• Auto-crop ability when converting raster images
• New custom page zoom feature for HTML files

Different businesses use FolderMill to streamline their routine tasks. FolderMill software is used by various organizations worldwide to automate printing, file conversion to PDF and images, filtering and renaming documents, watermarking, and other document-related tasks. FolderMill can also be used as a Google Cloud Print alternative.

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