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Smell Profile #374 gives man a chance at life

Kentstead Media announces the immediate release of the book, “A Whiff of Life and Death”, by David Wilson Burns, currently available at and Amazon.


[Springville, UT, USA – December 2, 2020] Wanting to truly live in a world that often seems full of negativity and death is a real issue. Sometimes, though we are physically alive, we are mentally and emotionally unwell—and we come up with odd ways to cope. But are we really living? Have we found a way to find happiness despite the contrary world around us? More importantly, could we be ignoring a life-giving part of our biological makeup? A sense that could help us find happiness?

According to Daniel Goleman, smell is the most ancient root of our emotional life (team 2020). And German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, felt strongly that the sense of smell was critical to arousing memories (dailybreeze 2012). In fact, the argument for smell is compelling enough that it may be possible to use our sense of smell to relive our happiest memories (Wilson-Burns 2020). And if so, we may be able to use smell to visit happiness anytime life gives us a lemon.

In the fictional book, “A Whiff of Life and Death”, author David Wilson-Burns entertains this powerful idea of the power of our olfactory biology. Using words, and two very intriguing characters, he shows—by increasing your awareness of your sense of smell—that smell can take us out of a painful moment, and help us to live in good moments joyfully. David’s characters, a savant smeller on the autism spectrum (Jim Bronson), and an introverted creative brain stuck in a work-a-day world (Marie Bellman), use a little bit of your sense of smell accompanied by some painful realism meshed with their very different romantic comedy to amazing effect; leading to the conclusion that smell may truly be more powerful in the search for happiness than any of us have ever realized.

Readers describe David Wilson Burn’s writing as “Evocative and lyrical. Gritty and real. Fantastic and powerful. Utterly brilliant.”

David Wilson-Burns, author of “A Whiff of Life and Death”, is a writer, software engineer, and musician living in Norman, Oklahoma, a college town in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area. David is an insatiably creative person. He has served as choir director, taught private voice and elementary school music, written songs, illustrated stories, patented software, designed book covers, and currently plays a Half-Elf Bard known for his humorous folk music in two Dungeons and Dragons games.
Visit author David Wilson-Burns FB or IG davidhillburns. David also writes serial fiction for Kentstead Media. Find his stories on the website.

David’s unique story titled “A Whiff of Life and Death” is about an incredibly intriguing character, Jim Bronson. Jim Bronson’s above-average penchant for olfactory science, and his below-average capacity to understand other human beings, has left him alone and alienated from his fellow man. And while Jim's mother has always been around (“Smells…and Mother”), she hasn't been able to guide Jim to happiness. His life is more of a walk in the past than making plans for a hopeful future...except for perhaps the Smellasizer. And yet, just maybe, Marie Bellman (smell profile #374), her mother's sweater, the library, Jim's life-long bully Connor, and the Post Office may be the combination of scents that Jim has needed to find a life in a world that has always torn it from him.

David will be sharing his thoughts in a “Behind the Scenes” about writing and his new book, “A Whiff of Life and Death”, live on Kentstead Media’s FB page (KentsteadMedia), December 9, 12 noon MDT.
Grab your copy now on Amazon, or at where $2 of your purchase will go toward sheltering the homeless!

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