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Self-Help for At-Risk Teens Book and Podcast

Ben Povlow grew up as an at-risk youth and spent his teenage years as a juvenile delinquent. He continued his negative lifestyle into his twenties. When he was twenty-eight years old he was introduced to self-help and personal development materials that would change the course of his life forever. He is now sharing his knowledge and experiences with today's young people with the hopes of helping them avoid the negative pitfalls he fell into. With his new self-help book and podcast, Ben shares all of the self-development strategies he used to improve the quality of his life.


Apex, North Carolina - October 26, 2020

Today, The Self-Help Company, LLC. Announces a New Book and Podcast, Self-Help for At-Risk Teens by Ben Povlow for immediate availability, providing information that will enable at-risk teenagers all around the world to learn how to overcome the odds and live the life of their dreams.

The book is available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook, on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Books, Barnes and Noble, and most other online retailers. The podcast can be found on almost all major podcast apps and directories.

Understanding why you are at-risk and what you are at risk of is the first step in changing the quality of your life for an at-risk teenager. Learn from someone who has been through it all. In Ben's new book and on his podcast, he shares his experiences and gives practical strategies on how to overcomes life's biggest challenges.

Ben grew up as an at-risk youth after losing both of his parents at a young age. After becoming a juvenile delinquent and spending time in a juvenile program, he still hadn't learned his lesson and his troubles followed him into adulthood. He now realizes that his life as a young adult had been the consequence of his poor decisions as a teenager. He is choosing to share this wisdom with you, so you can avoid making the same mistakes he made.

Based on his personal experiences and knowledge, he shares tips, techniques, and strategies on how to take control of your life and become an independent, respectable young adult. Through his teachings, you will learn how to avoid the pitfalls he fell into and what at-risk behaviors to look out for.

Some of the topics covered include learning how to create a vision for your future and develop the greatness within you, learn how to maximize technology, how to make, save, and invest money, creating hobbies of value, developing habits that will reward you, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, the skills needed to become independent, and understanding grief and loss. Ben covers a wide range of personal improvement strategies.

Please contact Ben for interview requests and public speaking inquiries.

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