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PixelPlex Updated The Webpage about Their Artificial Intelligence Services

To keep their clients in the loop and provide them with the relevant information about the company’s Artificial Intelligence Services PixelPlex has updated the webpage where they share all the details about their work.


An Artificial Intelligence Development company PixelPlex has recently added more features to the webpage where they share valuable insights about their services in the AI domain. It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is surely conquering the world and penetrating all spheres of our life. That’s why it’s highly advisable to stay tuned and not fall behind.

With this in mind, PixelPlex shares their experience and expertise in delivering AI projects and tells about their AI development services. In their work, the company implements custom and open-source AI application development tools, which enable their developers both to execute a project from square one and introduce new features to already existing solutions.

At their new webpage, it’s also given that the company specializes in the following research areas: Predictive Algorithms and Analytics, Chatbots and Smart Assistants, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision. It’s been already proved that a lot of profit can be gained from utilizing the power of the aforementioned technologies. Today they’ve been successfully incorporated in many spheres and received a lot of positive feedback.

PixelPlex on their part mention that so far they have provided cross-domain AI development services in the following areas: Healthcare, Commerce, FinTech, Manufacturing, Logistics, HoReCa, Media, Public Safety. They also feature one of their AI Software Development Projects, which is called AIRA (an artificial intelligence retina analyzer that assists in diagnosing retinal pathologies). The developers who worked on the project admit that they utilized machine learning and computer vision techniques for high-precision human retina image recognition in this project. And in their case study, the project is thoroughly described.

Another important aspect that the PixelPlex team points out is that they do their best so as to save their customers’ C-level resources by providing them with a detailed innovation roadmap. What’s more, they manage to build up a future-proof architecture that is powered by a Machine Learning algorithm or a consistent neural network.

See the full list of services here:

About PixePlex: a software development company that majors in delivering customized projects and products to businesses from various backgrounds. The company has extensive expertise in providing blockchain, AI, IoT, VR/AR, web, and mobile custom-build solutions.

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