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Six-year-old boy publishes a children's activity book about the solar system with his mom.

English language teacher, Amaris Crouch-Nowoisky, launched a children’s book about the solar system with her 6-year-old son, Lukas Nowoisky. Their book features twenty-one of Lukas’ beautifully illustrated mixed media drawings and favorite space projects.


Mom and son co-authors, Amaris Crouch-Nowoisky and Lukas Nowoisky, have released Lukas’ Favorite Things: A Kid’s Introduction to Our Solar System. Since Lukas was 3 years old, he has been fascinated with learning about space through songs, books, and NASA.

His constant passion for solar system facts prompted his mom to document their space conversations and collect his favorite illustrations to include in their book.

Both had started working on the book when Lukas was 4, but work and school took them away from the project until the Covid-19 pandemic started. During lockdown, they found themselves with a little more downtime and creative drive to complete their book. Amaris has designed Lukas’ Favorite Things to be an activity book series dedicated to exploring all of Lukas’ favorite topics, from science to art.

“Lukas’ Favorite Things will inspire children to engage in many topics and express their creativity, bridging the gap between art, science, and more. As an English teacher, my goal has always been to make learning more interesting through engaging activities.” -Amaris Crouch-Nowoisky

“It’s important for kids to read about new things. Kids can read about our Solar System and actually do art projects, cool ones!” -Lukas Nowoisky

Amaris Crouch-Nowoisky is an independent author who just created her own publishing company, Imagination Books. Her love for writing has been ignited by Lukas’ early passion for learning a plethora of topics. Their goal is to continue collaborating to add learning and fun to their new series.

The book guides children, ages 5-8, through the solar system with the help of fun facts, pictures, and space-art projects.

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