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Book Pays Tribute to JA Wisdom, Bob Marley

Book Pays Tribute to JA Wisdom, Bob Marley Photos, virtual, in-person game, life lessons for challenging times


Toronto, ON, August 25, 2020 – Former TV and radio journalist Ingrid Walter announces the launch of the 2nd edition of A Sea of Wisdom Island Proverbs – Jamaica, a book that celebrates Jamaican proverbs, beauty, history and culture; pays tribute to Bob Marley and includes photographs plus a new game to bring laughter and resilience into people’s lives during tough times.

Available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback, and on Kobo as an audiobook, A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs – Jamaica, 2nd edition features popular and sage Jamaican proverbs, including a number found in the late Bob Marley’s songs. Other Reggae musicians who incorporate Jamaican proverbs in their music include Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, the Itals, the Ethiopians, Culture, the Wailing Souls, Bunny Wailer, Justin Hinds & the Dominoes.

In the book, proverbs on managing human relations and human nature, understanding power and the working world, making wise choices, avoiding pitfalls and having hope, are presented in Jamaican dialect and translated into English.

“Jamaican proverbs are funny, witty and wise. My grandmothers and Bob Marley, who I was fortunate to know, taught me that in Jamaica. In a sentence they can encapsulate centuries of experience. I find them food for the mind and soul, life lessons to laugh and live by,” says Walter.

The first in a series of eBooks based on the original publication about seven Caribbean islands, A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs – Jamaica’s 2nd edition now includes island photographs and a game invented by the author called, “ A So it Guh” which when translated into English means, “ That’s the Way it Is”. To play the game contestants compete by voicing their best impression of a Jamaican proverb.

“With the variety of accents across the globe, the game can be loads of fun whether you play it with friends, family or loved ones, virtually or in person. The bonus is a slice of wisdom too.” says Walter.

About the author

Ingrid Walter is a former award-winning journalist and communications specialist whose work experience spans politics, television, radio, print and e-media. Currently she is the executive director of When Art Meets Fashion, an on-line wall, standing and wearable art shop, pop-up gallery business and artist agency based in Yorkville Toronto, Canada. Born in Jamaica, she is also a Canadian citizen. She has an honors degree in political science from York University and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Western Ontario. Ingrid is available for online, TV, radio and print media interviews.

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