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New Fictional Thriller Taps Into Pandemic, Terrorism, and Global Warming Fears.

J.T. Kelly has launched an action-packed, mystery, thriller that weaves several ominous topics into a sweeping adventure that scans the globe.


“Fair Ways and Foul Plays” begins with a sinister terror group plotting to destroy the U.S. economy. It sends menacing environmental demands to business leaders who must comply or face the consequences. Heir to a petroleum-based corporation, the protagonist, Jack McCabe, learns that he is among those who have been targeted.

Expanding its evil globally, the terrorists ultimately devise a scheme that threatens mankind by plotting to disperse a deadly virus into the world’s water systems. An international police force searches for the enemy throughout Europe. It is a race against time to put an end to this horror before it can be realized.

An early reviewer wrote, “For those who crave page-turning mystery and crime fiction with unexpected plot twists, this novel will grip you to its exciting conclusion. ‘Fair Ways and Foul Plays’ is full of adventure, intrigue, blood, and gore. I genuinely enjoyed sharing your characters’ experiences.”

J. T. Kelly gained a love for the European continent while living in Rome, Italy, for a year and traveling extensively. Prior to developing his novel, he honed his writing skills as an award-winning communications professional. An avid reader, the author has enjoyed numerous works in the mystery, thriller, and suspense category. As a result, those who sample his book will experience the fast-paced excitement that rival many of the most captivating and addictive on the market today.

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